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Yankees Take Over Top Wild-Card Spot From Red Sox

BOSTON – The Yankees are now feeling it after nearly six months of victories and torture, great chances and guts. They rarely cause blisters or bumps. They knew they needed a final outburst for the fifth season in a row, and here it is.

“We’m not afraid to make it interesting,” Giancarlo Stanton said at midnight on Sunday.

Stanton was also a fan at Fenway Park over the weekend, lifting all three Yankees to the top of the Boston Red Sox at American League Wild Card. They may be back here on October 5th to start the postseason but they are not planning on that. They had an exit party at the weird guest club.

Manager Aaron Boone said, “It’s a weird, tight, low ceiling. “It simply came to our notice then. It feels like a family coming together. ”

Stanton launches another rocket into Landsown Street via Green Monster to prevent Sundays 6-3 victorySixth consecutive victory for the Yankees. He took seven wickets for 12 runs in the series and 10 runs with three homers. Was he the only Yankee to go deep in all three games of a three-game tournament at Fenway? Joe DiMaggio in 1949.

The Red Sox stubbornly refused to let the referee out, so Aaron followed up on Judge Aaron’s Sunday blast. The captured Christian Vasquez transferred his glove from his glove board to his hand with the wrong hint of a third strike. That was after the first baseman, Bobby Dulbeck, extended the batting line, allowing the ball to land unintentionally on the warning track.

“I felt like a cat,” the judge said. “I felt like I had nine lives there.”

Given another chance – Well, if you insist The referee hit a fast ball from Adam Otavino to the gap in the left center. The judge raised his head and turned to the situation, overjoyed, and then saw that his pinky was pointing the wrong way. He re-entered it and continued to play.

The judge said, “I don’t want to hit it, so I think I’m in good shape.”

You have to admit: they don’t fit in like the Yankees, they’re imposed as severely as possible. The referee and Stanton scored 70 points and 185 points (and yes, 304 strikes). Corey Kluber and Luis Severino are recovering from injuries, while two others, Jameson Tylen and Jonathan Loisiga – are expected to return in the next few days. Close Aroldis Chapman converted 14 of his last saves.

Taylor, Jerry Cole and Kluber will play in the three-match Toronto Tournament, which starts on Tuesday. Blue Jays, who was forcibly removed from Canada due to corona virus restrictions and eventually settled at home, has doubled the capacity of the Rogers Center to 30,000 for the first ever series in Canada with the Yangies since 2019. The Red Sox will be happy; In such a tough match (89 wins for the Yankees, 88 Red Sox, 87 Blue Jays), the schedule is their ally.

“We still have a wild card,” manager Alex Cora said. We know Jace and the Yankees are playing each other, so this weekend is so big, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday can probably be big. We know that someone will lose the next three games, so we can win.

The Red Sox regular season ends with three games in Baltimore and three more in Washington. The scary Oriole have lost 12 of the last 13 against the Red Sox and the nationals are not so good.

The Yankees will return from Tando to host Tampa Bay next weekend and the Blue Jays will stay home to face the Oriole. Seattle sailors and Auckland Athletics – all three AL East teams are alive but behind – will play each other in three races in Seattle starting Monday.

REMEMBER: If Boston and the Yankees tie above the wildcard rankings, the Red Sox will host the Yankees on Oct. 5 because they won the series 10 to 9. Those encounters that fit the pattern of the Yankee season: weird or scary, all or nothing at all.

Maybe now it will be a reward for all that mental anguish. The Yankees have managed to reach the anchor precipice of the pitch and they deserve to be proud.

Stanton said: “We’ve had a lot of big losses and a few good lines, so there’s a lot we need to do to avoid situations like this,” Stanton said. “It’s important to understand all of that, and it’s important to understand how this year was not washed away. It is a learning curve and we can use it to our advantage, even from the bad parts.”

Stanton has handled a lot of good and bad over four seasons with the Yankees. But he led the team last fall, and he has been doing it again since Aug. 1 with an average of 18 homers and 314.

“He’s such a player,” the referee said. “He comes on big occasions and continues to deliver, deliver, deliver.”

After Sunday’s sweep, Stanton was asked about the players’ feelings and confirmed Boone’s description. There was joy in the club but a welcome where they were, he said. The Yankees are not there, though other teams are anchoring the playoffs.

“We’re angry,” Stanton said. “It is very important that we are able to wipe them out. But yes – excited and all business too. We know there is still work to be done. ”




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