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Workers at all of Kellogg’s U.S. cereal plants go on strike

Omaha, neb. (AP) – As many as 1,400 workers went on strike at all of Kellogg’s U.S. grain factories on Tuesday, but it is not clear how much Frosted Flex or the company supplied. Other popular brands are disrupted.

The strike includes plants in Omaha, Nebraska Battle Creek, Michigan; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; And Memphis, Tennessee.

Daniel Osbourne, president of the Omaha Regional Association, said the union and Battle Creek-based company had been in turmoil at the bargaining table for more than a year. The dispute includes the inclusion of wages and benefits such as loss-making health care, vacation pay and reduced vacation time, and Osborne said the company has threatened to move several jobs to Mexico.

“Most Americans probably have no problem making Nike or Under Armor helmets elsewhere or in our cars, but I have when they started producing our food when they were out of FDA control and OSHA control,” he said. That’s a big problem with that, ”Osborne said.

The company says its demand is reasonable and will increase wages and benefits for its employees, earning an average of $ 120,000 a year last year.

We are disappointed with the unions’ decision to strike. “Klog is preparing to feed our grain workers to the United States and will be offering compensation and benefits to the best in the industry,” Klog spokesman Chris Bauner said in a statement.

Osborne said he hopes the company will try to bring in non-union workers to factories at some point this week to resume operations and maintain its production supply.

Throughout the corona virus epidemic, all the plants continued to function, but during that time, Osborne said he worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and many were out because of the virus.

“The level at which we were working was not sustainable,” Osborne said.

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