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When Is It Misinformation?

I watch a lot of TV commercials, and most of what I watch is DVR’s, and then I went fast, but on Saturday I watched some things live and reacted to it. This ad is kept by the US Government – DHHS. The ad calls for a vaccine against covid, as the number of hospitalizations of young people has tripled (without the actual number of benefits – three times the number still relatively small) and because young people and children are “irreversible”.

This means that Kovid is a sentence of death in young people and children – that is not true.

Now, the usual distractions. Every illness and hospitalization is difficult and difficult. Every death is tragic. But it does say that the diagnosis of covid disease in a young person is not even close to death.

Vaccination is good, but we cannot do it at the expense of truth, otherwise we cannot get rid of all the good things we are trying to accomplish.

The question here is not only Fowzie’s credibility.

The post When Is It Misinformed? It first appeared on the Hugh Hewitt show.



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