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What We Learned From Week 4 of the N.F.L. Season

With the complete disbandment of the Carolina Panthers defense, which dominated the rest of the NFL this season, Duck Prescott was like the Super Ball-caliber quarter that Jerry Jones suspected.

However, Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook were the first to like Prescott in the 2016 draft. The Dallas Cowboys owner was prudent when he failed to sell cowboys in the first round for Lynch. That weekend Prescott was more than a consolation prize, and there were even members of the Cowboys front office who at the time did not consider Prescott to be a draft player.

Jerry’s world a Strange place, Indeed.

Prescott won – instantly – having to wait six years to pay.

After using Prescott’s franchise tag in 2020, Jones finally returned this pre-2021 quarter and offered a long-term deal. It seems that Prescott is ready to give gifts to Jones, who is now hungry for Super Bowl. What is the largest transport location in Week 4 of the NFL?

Against a suffocating Carolina defense — No. 1 in the sack, No. 1 in fours, No. 2 in three weeks — Dallas’ new $ 160 million new man completed 14 of 22 passes for a cool 188 yards. With four tangents, without interruptions and a 130.3 pass rating in a 36-28 win.

Of course, time is young. There is still time for Jones or Mike McCarthy to get involved in what works. As we have seen, both are capable of sabotaging a potential champion. But one is in the cabin and one is on the side. Prescott has taken the ball in every sport, and Prescott gave the Cowboys a real blow at the end of the 25-year championship drought.

At the end of the first quarter, the Panthers covered all of Dallas’ receivers, near the fourth and 1st midfield, 7-7. Prescott did not hesitate. He saw a track and went 21 yards to keep the track alive. After three short photos, he fitted an 18-yard touchdown pass to tighten Blake Jarwin.

Panthers striker Sam Dernold scored 14-13 for his second fastball to put Carolina ahead, while Carolina missed a goal attempt in the first run of the third quarter and Prescott hit back.

Prescott made them pay as soon as Carolina deployed a single high guard.

Planting his right foot at the 44-yard line in the Panthers yard, he gave Amari Cooper the edge to put Dallas ahead 20-24. Several of the defenses in the NFL today offer one-on-one opportunities across the border. Prescott read it and hit exactly what these cowboys were supposed to do against elite security. Also, the Cowboys’ offensive line did a great job of getting the Alien Blight.

Dallas did not look back and eventually increased its lead to 36-14.

Even in a league full of quarters married to the game, Prescott’s crazy work ethic rarely stands out. Since 2016 he has drastically improved every aspect of his sport: accuracy, athletics, hand strength. If he is a caretaker as a rookie, it is undeniable that he is one of the best players in the NFL today.

Is there one aspect of his game that never falters? His leadership. According to many reports, Prescott has favored veterans, novices and team workers from day one. His first co-ordinator in Dallas, Scott Linehan once told me Even when Tony Romo was still in the backseat, he said, “When Duck was in the building, you knew he had the right to vote.”

He has now grown into a Chartered Captain who can engage in a shootout with Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rogers and Russell Wilson if needed.

In a season-opening defeat at Tampa Bay, Prescott threw 403 yards in 58 attempts. But since then the cows have hit a more sustainable formula – they are inclined to the ground sport. With both Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard out, Quinn has been able to re-enact what was historically bad defense last year. The Cowboys’ offense complemented its defense, and Elliott testified Sunday that he had returned with a large sum of money.

In the middle of the third quarter, Elliott hesitated about the line, making an unseen hole from the Dallas era to carry a 47-yard load and let it go at high speed.

Jones It explained In training camp he does “anything man knows” to win a super bowl. Honestly, that’s been true since he bought the team – which has generally led to bad decisions.

Jerry Jones may never need a Prescott, but Prescott is proving that he can always give Jones what he has.

With the Giants’ first three defeats this season, it has been easy to blame all of the two players who were selected by General Manager Dave Gettleman to bring the team back to glory. But the truth is, Daniel Jones’ quarterback was playing well – not great, but not dangerous – and while Sakvon Barkley was running back, his revived right front cross looked good in the early stages of testing.

Both Jones and Barclay were undoubtedly special, beating the 27-21 New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Their numbers are impressive: Jones threw for a career-high 402 yards and Barclays had 126 yards in the race. But one specific sport in the always-deafening Superdome was silenced by the crowd, especially as the Giants Brass had to have real hopes about picking the No. 2 outline in 2018 (Barclay) and the No. 6 pick in 2019 (Jones).

21-10 down, with seven minutes left, Barclay split left wide and Mashan Latimore scored 54 behind the Saints corner. Barkley later noted that he and Jones had discussed coverage at the game: Barkley knew he could go deeper when he saw Latimore sitting outside the aisle.

Jones ran in a 2-point conversion, scoring 21 points on the Giants’ next run. Barkley finished the game with a 6-yard target overtime.

The Giants are now 1-3 and have a new confidence in their schedule teeth.

Blame the Kirk relatives. Blame it on an anemic attack line.

However, the Minnesota Vikings’ 14-7 defeat at the home of the Cleveland Browns was so frustrating that they could make no mistake in September. For three weeks, the cousins ​​have been tearing up three sub-semi-secondary. He did not throw any obstacles, he did not show any fear in the face of any passing congestion. Statistically he was playing in any quarter of the NFL

Against the best defense he had ever faced, the relatives again turned into a pumpkin.

It’s the corruption of his relatives’ career: Against poor defense, he easily throws over 300 yards and three tackles. But add a sparse passport and sprinkle on the top poles, ready to be submerged. Going into the season, the relatives were 7-35 against the teams that finished the season with a winning record.

The Vikings want to believe that he is the answer. General Manager Rick Spielman and the front office cut the salaries of gymnasts to sign relatives for a contract extension until the 2020 season.

Unfortunately, that’s who he has been since he joined the league nine years ago.

The Browns gave the Mines four fours from Miles Garrett alone. However, this was a 4 point game for three quarters and one big game could open everything up. one. Attacks on Justin Jefferson or Adam Thialan never developed. The Browns took the lead 14-7 after Cleveland footballer Chase McLaughlin scored from 53 yards out, and Connorback Griddi Williams could easily have prevented the next shot from his next cousin. The Vikings took the ball twice more, but the ball fell short on each drive.

The next of kin will get the Detroit Lions, but it’s nothing more than a few Edwill pills, often facing up to six legitimate rivals at once with the Vikings.

And at some point, the Vikings will have to ask themselves how far the cousins ​​can go.

Buccaneers 19, Patriots 17: Tom does not know Brady’s game and brain as well as Bill Belichick, and Brady guesses his safety all night long. Brody was limited to 269 yards and won the game in a non-stop, rain-soaked game with no touch.

Cardinals 37, Rams 20: It’s time to stop sleeping on the cardinals who attacked around a team that looked like they couldn’t beat the boundaries to start the season. Kyler Murray did not roll the ball, Arizona ran 216 yards and now the Cardinals are in complete control of the NFC West. The question now is whether coach Cliff Kingsbury can keep the error modest and avoid a slide similar to last season, when Arizona started 5-2 and went 3-6 the rest of the season.

Seahawks 28, 49ers 21: You can’t hang on to Russell Wilson. Seattle had every chance to bury quickly, but San Francisco’s fault was a short circuit. When he had finished his entire career, Wilson executed it when needed and scored 14 of 21 points in the Seahawks’ second half.

Packer 27, Steeler 17: All of Pittsburgh’s offside runs were penalized halfway through. The Steelers were able to take a 17-14 lead, but Joe Haddon quickly decided to jump ahead, rejecting a try by Minka Fitzpatrick to prevent a return. Alas, Ben Rothlisberger was forced to play from behind. In 2021, as we have learned so far, it is not a beautiful sight.

Ravens 23, Broncos 7: Facing the best defense he had seen this season, Lamar Jackson finished with 316 yards and a touch of the sky, giving Denver their first defeat of the season with just seven runs on the ball.

Washington 34, Falcon 30: The biggest shock this season was how bad the security of the Washington football team was. Of course, it doesn’t matter against Falcons defense with similar holes. With 33 seconds left in the running Jedi Maxix provided the heroes as they flew into the air at the goal line.

24 bears, 14 lions: Every time the hysteria in Halas Hall comes on, the bears always seem to have a timely game. The rebuilt Lions were the real medicine, and running behind David Montgomery (106 yards, touchdowns) became one of the best players we’ve ever talked about.

Bills 40, Texan 0: One day, there will also be a “30 to 30” documentary written only about how Texan won a football game in 2021. However, not this week.

Colts 27, Dolphins 17: A force from Jonathan Taylor’s ground (103 yards, touch), Carson Wentz managed to give the city of Indianapolis the much-needed victory after three emotionally charged tax losses on those two bad ankles (32 out of 24). .

Giants 27, Saints 21 (OT): The Giants ’madness disappears this season is when Daniel Jones takes a clear step forward. He doesn’t make the 2020 reversal mistakes, and on Sunday he finished with 402 yards and two tangents and started shooting again.

Lords 42, Eagles 30: Andy Reid knows for sure that his tight security needs to be cleaned up. Kansas City left in yards and points. But as long as Patrick Holmes and Therik Hill are there, any team in the league can be defeated through the fault of these leaders. He hit 186 yards in 12 innings and 11 assists for three touchdowns.

Jets 27, Titans 24 (OT): Okay, Titans clients Julio Jones and AJ Brown were both sidelined. Jets coach Robert Saleh was still a newcomer behind Ryan Tonhill’s defense 14 times, and newcomer Zack Wilson played with the team’s missing strength.




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