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What the papers say – October 6

What the papers say – October 6

The pamphlets on Wednesday will be guided by details of the Prime Minister’s keynote address at the Conservative Party Convention.

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express The report tells the Boris Johnson Tory Conference that he has the “courage” to restructure the British economy and solve the country’s major domestic problems.

Times The prime minister is expected to announce in a few weeks that those on the so-called national living wage will receive about $ 9.42 an hour, an increase of more than 5%.

those Daily Mirror The Prime Minister, who has refused to cut back on the weekly ණය 20 global debt hike, uses its homepage to compare with Margaret Thatcher.

Metro Mr Johnson said solving supply chain problems affecting business and industry was “not a government job”.

Elsewhere, an independent Critics have warned that Home Secretary Preity Zinta Patel is investigating the “failures” that led to the assassination of Sarah Eward.

Defender Ben Elliott, co-chairman of the Conservative Party, leads with a revelation in a Pandora paper leak that he has “indirectly benefited” from more than 120 120,000 in tax debt.

French fishermen have reportedly threatened to cut off crucial Christmas supplies to the UK over French fishermen’s licenses. Daily articles.

Sun France repatriated to the Netherlands earlier this year and repatriated a group of 5 million vaccines originally prescribed for the United Kingdom.

those I am It is reported that Health Secretary Sajid Javed has “determinedly” decided to give Kovid-19 vaccine to health workers next weekend.

those Financial Times European gas prices rise to record highs on Tuesday.

and Daily Star Oliver Dowden, Tory’s co-chairman, said he was “outraged” to have workers get off their Peloton bicycles and return to the office.

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