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What about a pair of Adidas Xbox related sneakers?

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox console, Microsoft teamed up with Adidas to create a special pair of pins.

As you might expect, forum tech shoe design is inspired by the highly successful sports machine and includes both the Xbox logo and the green / black color scheme.

Includes a promotional video (below), “Edited and edited to look like a straight skateboard since 2001” Hello: Combat Evolution – The first Xbox machine launch game – Plays on the original console and includes new shoes.

Xbox executive James Monosmith commenting on its latest upgrade He said: “The adidas Forum Tech design balances nonsense in embracing modern technology and symbolizes how we look at our own Xbox history – celebrating the last 20 years and looking forward to the infinite future of gaming.”

But before you grab the wallet and shout, “Tell me, how do I get these fine sneakers on my feet,We would like to point out that Microsoft does not intend to sell the limited edition instead as a competitive gift or offer.

The good news, however, is that this is the “beginning” of the partnership with Microsoft and Adidas, which will launch additional sneaker designs in the coming months, all inspired by past and present generations of Xbox consoles. Will Go to the average sale.

New shoes from Xbox and adidas.
New shoes from Xbox and adidas. Xbox / Adidas

Sony, Nintendo and Sega have also played cards, so shoe shoes have long been regarded by gamblers as the favorite outfit for attention-grabbing promotions.

This is not the first footwear attempt by Microsoft’s Xbox division, as it also collaborated with the Globe to celebrate its release. Hello 4 Years ago, a pair of Xbox Air Jordan shone in the dark as a result of a partnership with Nike.

Didn’t get away with the Xbox / Adidas shoes? So what about an Xbox mini refrigerator instead?

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