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Tyler, the Creator Remains a Uniform-Dressing Legend

Welcome to The biggest adjustment of the weekIt fits a circle of the strongest, left-handed and simply the biggest celebrities around the world.

Johnny Nunes / 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards

Creator Tyler

At this point, you know what you get from Tyler: shorts, white socks, dress shoes and some killer accessories. His BET fit the hip hop awards and initially added a cream fur coat and a matching silk shirt. When you know what works best for you, why not do something else?

Fraser Harrison

George Clooney and Ben Affleck

Get the most out of these handsome friends!

Gary Gershoff

Management Fish

Because when you can not decide between the window and the pinstripe.

Victor Virgil

Dev Hines

When you look at the house from the high fashion silhouettes at the moment, things are good.

Patricia Schlein / Star Max

Paul Meskel

How we want to dress for a big night out.

Julian Heckman

Evan Mock

Blurred, chest-felt sweater, sash, dark pink pants: there is so much to love here!


Owen Wilson

Truly underestimated clothing color.

Jacopo Roll

Luke Sabbath

You wear black when you go to the Rick Owens show.

Bruce Glycos

Bowen Yang

Great week for pushing silk and satin buttons.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

The child is drunk

This fall is a good opportunity to buy a pair of big old blue boots.




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