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Tony Abbott right to criticise Taiwan’s isolation

The most interesting thing about Tony Abbott’s statement on Friday To visitors in Taiwan Was correct at the outset.

Before explaining why Xi Jinping’s activities prompted him to attend, Abbott said: “Two years ago, I was reluctant to provoke China into attending this summit.

What he did not note was that his nemesis, Malcolm Turnbull, attended the same forum last year and was clearly light on “provoking China.” In fact, being in the midst of an epidemic, Turnbull’s arrival was virtual, And his story Symbolized a bit more than Abbott’s code (not to mention better). But Turnbull did not particularly miss China’s intervention in Australia and his response (including foreign influence law) to the need to ensure that “we are not going to the right world” and his conclusion. The rule of law and mutual respect are fundamental and therefore we must work together in the region as a network of countries of shared values ​​to protect our sovereignty.

Unlike Turnbull, Abbott did nothing against Chinese influence, and when he was prime minister – in fact, he made a free trade agreement and a promise (Turnbull tried but failed to implement it) – and reached an deportation agreement with the regime in Beijing.

Abbott defended his actions on Friday, arguing that Beijing was trying to encourage compliance with a law-abiding international order (the reality of the “international rule of law” applies to everyone, but the United States is arguing for another date “”. Much has changed in six, ”he now admits.

However, dispelling his concerns about the attack on Beijing – the threshold of embarrassment never diminished – in Taiwan, Abbott privately stated that “the future of Taiwan must be decided by its people; The United States has recently reaffirmed its commitment to Taiwan, “I do not think Australia should be indifferent to the fate of nearly 25 million fraternal democracies.” People. ” should, No will be, Would be something completely different.

Abbott said there is nothing more pressing now than cooperation with Taiwan, which is somewhat eccentric about a world emerging from an epidemic. But in cooperation, he meant, in particular, “Taiwan welcomes the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

Taiwan has now applied to join what is now known as the TPP without the CPTPP-US — just days after China applied in September, China echoed the process of joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) the day after China in 2002, in line with the World Trade Organization. Than in China many years ago. Australia is currently opposed to China’s request to join the CPTPP on the basis of its ongoing trade war with us.

Critics have labeled it as a huge opportunity for the government opposition to resume relations with China — but at least the government knows from experience how far it can negate trade agreements, and the question arises as to what is the advantage of allowing China to reach an agreement. at all.

Taiwan, on the other hand, is a small open economy with the rule of law and a well-functioning democracy that would be an ideal additional member state for a trade agreement that struggles for relevance. Unlike Beijing, Taiwan can be trusted to stick to its word in such agreements.

In line with past liberal rhetorical tactics, it may be called “practical cooperation,” but Abbott was doing God’s work in Taipei. Of course in private capacity alone.

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