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The Quest for Youthful Skin with XOUL’s Human Stem Cell-Infused Products – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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Anti-aging products play a significant role in many people’s skin care system. With the advancement of technology, scientific discoveries have led researchers to identify new ingredients to use in skin care and help people look younger. Sterile cells are now tended to give people a youthful appearance, a new substance that prevents aging. The concept of stem cells, whether they are of plant or human origin, is intriguing to many. I’m not going to lie: I was a little scared thinking about applying stem cells to the face.

XOUL K-Beauty is a skin care brand that offers innovative beauty products. It is well known for incorporating the anti-aging energy component of human stem cells into formulas that have the ability to regenerate, repair and nourish young looking skin. Aside from being interested in this skincare product, I was also attracted to the brand’s minimal, elegant and beautiful packaging. I tried XOUL Layered cream, Secret solution cream masks and Always wet lip balm To see how this modern substance looks on my skin.

Read on to find out if it’s worth touching on products embedded in human stem cells to prevent aging.

Layere Cream 1

What is it: Placed on top of human stem cell culture fluid and 17 amino acids, these creams provide anti-aging properties and moisturize the skin. Layered creams contain seven types of hydrouronic acids and balance the pH 5.5 mixture for additional hydration effects.

My take: XOUL’s Layered Creams are available in both normal and travel sizes, and both items are very user-friendly! those Normal size versionThe pump tube is designed to release exactly the same amount of cream to the face and Traveler size version It’s like a lip balm. In terms of texture, Layer Cream comes in a slightly different color cream, just like a body lotion, it doesn’t feel as unpleasant. You can tell by its consistency that these creams can seal all the moisture. Thanks to its rich blend of 17 amino acids and hyaluronic acid, the product provides intense hydration. After applying it to my face, I gradually noticed that it remained on my skin before being absorbed into my skin. My skin felt soft to the touch after the cream dried. The product is said to have a refreshing Friesia scent, though it is so delicate that it is almost impossible to smell. As the cool season approaches, I feel that these layers of creams will be a great face cream to fight against the dry nature and maintain skin hydration.

Layered Cream 2

What is it: This creamy sheet mask is formulated to replenish skin moisture and rejuvenate the skin for a radiant finish. Prepared with human stem cell culture solution, Donergy peptide and Centella asiatica extract, these masks soothe and strengthen the skin’s barriers. Each set includes five covers.

My take: I have never been a fan of cream sheet masks, because the rough texture makes my skin feel very heavy. That’s why I was initially reluctant to apply this mask on my face. The essence takes a long time to absorb into my skin and I was worried that the next morning I would leave it on. Fortunately, XOUL’s secret solution cream mask The essence of the mask proved me wrong because it was not as thick as I had hoped. Although the moisture of the essence remained on my skin for a while and it was not absorbed immediately, the mask left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The sheet mask did not fit my face but it stuck well on my skin during the 20 minute pampering experience itself. Although XOUL’s sheet masks look a bit thinner than the sheet masks I normally use, it did not cause any irritation or redness on my skin. I was so happy to wake up the next day with soft, smooth and velvety skin! The most important thing is that I do not have acne or small bumps on my skin. I will definitely finish the other masks in this package!

What is it: These lip balms are formulated from the human stem cell structure to nourish and moisturize the lips, and nourish and soften the skin with a variety of oils, including anamarhena aspodolide root extract and hydrogenated jojoba oil and olive oil. On top of its moisturizing properties, spirulina leaves oil is added to lip balm to give the product a mint scent.

Lip Balm 1

Lip Balm 2

My take: I have dry lips and I’s often joked about this by friends – they say my lips look like bonito slices in tacos! My lips are too small; Only a few lip balms work to soften smooth skin. I am committed to experimenting with different lip balms to prepare for the cold and dry seasons and I look forward to it XOUL’s Forever Wet Lip Balm Helps me to get soft lips.

As usual with lip balm, I had to apply more than one layer of ever-wet lip balm. The texture was not as smooth as I expected but after the third application it slipped smoothly on my lips. I woke up to moisturized lips the next morning and I was satisfied with the result! The refreshing scent of menthol caught my attention as I applied the lipstick – it caused my lips to tingle more often. According to its statements, this product made my lips glow and shine. I recommend leaving the ingredient to soak overnight and apply a generous amount before going to bed. During the day, I suggest using it for smoothing before and after applying lipstick.

The small compact design makes this lipstick perfect to fit in your bag. I apply it every time my lips feel dry. If you, like me, are struggling with stubbornly broken lips, you should try lipstick on XOUL!

Final decision

Thanks to these products from XOUL, I had to jump through an ingredient from my skin care bucket list while experimenting with one of the most talked about hairstyles for Korean beauty brands! So did XOUL fulfill its promise to give young looking skin with products embedded in human stem cells? In fact, I have not seen any noticeable change in my skin. While the products do not impress me, I believe that it will take more time and regular use to see long-term visible results with anti-aging products.

My favorite of the three The secret solution is cream mask and Always wet lip balm Because they were able to hydrate my face and thin lips, respectively. If you are interested in this new skincare product and are trying to try it out, give yourself products embedded in these human stem cells!

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