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The Out-Outrage Strategy: Lauren Boebert Scandal Management

The Out Outrage Strategy Lauren Boebert Scandal Management

Agent Lauren Bobert (R).

Camera time in less than 30 seconds in the far south One America News This weekend’s network, the new GOP controversial magnetic agent. Lauren “Q * Bert” Bobert The growing notoriety of misusing promotional funds to pay personal bills was easily removed:

Bobert: That’s a mistake. Some money came out of the wrong account and we corrected it, self-reported it immediately, and talked to the FEC. Everything is fine. We sent a letter.

While it is clear that Bobert has rehearsed this answer for calm distribution, it is not surprising that the Oan anchor does not have follow-up questions like a real reporter. But then Robert made a startling and quick-witted acknowledgment of not only this latest budding scandal but also how she handles her entire public relations strategy.

Bobert: Democrats want to talk about it. But here it is, Dan. When a title doesn’t seem to hit me, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Like, wait a minute, where are the attacks today? I think it’s good to start something … [Pols emphasis]

In less than a year, Bobert has faced a series of malicious corruption scandals involving questionable large miles of repayments from her election funds, in parallel with long-term tax payments, and has paid Bobert’s husband large sums of money, most recently the oil and gas industry. Thousands of personal expenses were temporarily covered without interest by charging “wrong” fees to the election account. This is in addition to the unnecessary personal scandal that was newly exposed and resurfaced after Bobert’s election. At the same time, Bobert has struggled to move fast among the most courageous (and talented) far-right developers in Congress. Marjorie Taylor Greene The focus is on.

The response to both of Bobert’s problems was to deliberately continue to provoke public outrage and divert attention from her real scandal, as well as to engage in the same class court with her colleagues in Congress. Of supporters. Bobert is completely unaware of the hypocrisy and deliberately chooses hypocritical attacks to confuse her critics. Bobert’s tactic of resolving her real problems with constant gall bladder rhetoric withdrew from her mentor Of Donald Trump Sports book.

It’s a dangerous and sad game, but it’s undeniable that Congress leader Bobert has come a long way.

It stays active until it reaches some kind of crash.




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