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The Claremont statement | Power Line

The Claremont Institute has recently come under fire for its role in John Eastman’s role in post – presidential events. The agency has now issued a statement signed by President Ryan Williams and Chairman Tom Klingenstein (in the original link below).

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The Claremont Institute usually does not comment on the work of its experts. But we need an exception for the recently added misinformation, platform removal and disposal campaign. John Eastman, a senior member of the Claremont Institute, served as an adviser to the U.S. president at a critical juncture in the December 2020 and January 2021 elections, and has since been maliciously misrepresented and distorted by the mainstream media. In the aftermath of this misinformation, some trade unions put darkness on Claramont or John and found it difficult to present the truth.

The purpose of this statement is to correct the report and state the truth about two important aspects of it John’s legal advice Involvement in the Presidential Election Counting Procedure.

1) Contrary to the almost untrue news accounts of the universe that have caused great damage, John did not ask the Vice President, who is presiding over the joint session of Congress to count the votes on January 6, to “overthrow.” Determining the validity of an election or election vote. John instructed the Vice President to give the state legislatures time to assess whether the illegal conduct recognized by their state election officials had been affected, and to agree to the requests of the state legislatures to adjourn the joint sessions of Congress for 7-10 days. Election Results.

2) If state legislatures had found sufficient conduct to change the outcome and, as a result, presented a second ballot paper, John advised the Vice President that the Vice President should consider Congress, despite credible legal arguments to the contrary. Because the vice president has the power to choose one of the two slates, not the other.

Inspired by the deliberate misrepresentation of John Eastman’s advice on these legal and constitutional issues, various journalists and others have made false and defamatory statements about the Claremont Institute, our scholars, staff and friends. As Thomas Jefferson said, in the midst of such falsehoods and slander, truth can prevail in a democracy when the truth is not “disarmed by its natural weapons, free argument and debate.” Unfortunately that disarmament is now underway. A business seeks to prevent the Claremont Institute or its experts from presenting our views. This comes from several fronts, including two organizations that are specific to broadcasting important political disagreements: American Society of Political Science ( Our participation was effectively canceled At this year’s annual meeting for the first time in 35 years) and even more disappointingly, the federalist society refused to allow John, a senior colleague and high – profile law professor in Claremont, to discuss essential constitutional issues. This is particularly surprising given John’s significant role in the activities of the Federalist Union over the past 20 years.

These attempts by the Claremont Institute and John Eastman to limit their ability to express their views show a dangerous development in the censorship that now threatens American democracy. Clarament will not remain silent in the face of widespread lies spread by malicious local political opponents. We welcome the debate, and our opponents, and especially our friends, must accept it.




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