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The Centrists Obstructing Biden’s Agenda Are Not “Moderate” or “Pragmatic”

Infrastructure in Congress Many mainstream news outlets are making headlines after the election was delayed. Presumably, “direct” news reflects the fact that democrats are wiser and more pragmatic in both policy and political matters within the more traditional boundaries of power, and that the more progressive positions are in the higher air. , And electronically irresponsible.

those New York Times Declares “Progressives are bent but empty-handed” and “moderates feel betrayed.” those Politico Playbook Members It begins with the surprise that President Joe Biden did not help the few centrists who were sabotaging his election promises. “The strangest thing I have ever seen is the president coming to the hills and whipping his own bill,” a source told the news website. “One of the many things we heard from lawmakers and senior aides surprised by what happened at home on Friday was just watching many nights.” Of Dan Bulls thoseWashington Post Similarly Demonstrates As a “rebellion” by the Liberals, Biden took advantage of Gaffay to propose a rebuilding of bilateral infrastructure and better bills – a large part of the Biden agenda as if that were not the whole strategic goal of those centered on repealing the two bills. Spoiling or destroying.

Perhaps more surprisingly, another piece Times Does The outstanding editorial reads: “Liberal legislators, mostly from secure Democratic districts, have the political luxury of standing firm, but they will now face the wrath of Democrats in the swing districts where their party has given its preferences in parliament. Senate. The partisanship betrayed by co-authors Jonathan Weissman and Emily Cochrane is a disrespect to readers and the truth.

These photos come from decades of institutional prejudice in the most elite media circles for treating the left of the Democratic Party as unjust and irresponsible. Now, they serve as an easy but misleading tool for outlining the most crucial policy discussions that have taken place over the years.

The reality is that the centrists who obstruct Biden’s agenda are neither neutral nor practical nor responsible. They represent the views of the majority or the minority of the minority, not a body of power; They are out of step with what President Biden campaigned for in both the primary and general elections (largely with the foundations of the president’s left). Named He practically excludes elections rather than policy consensus); So it is not surprising that not only the White House but also Congress leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are collaborating with progressives. Let us briefly consider why.

1) The President’s agenda – and, by extension, the progressive sector’s priorities – is extremely popular.

Voting Voting Later Voting Show The Build Back Better Bill (also known as the “Reconciliation Act”) is extremely popular. It is not only popular across the country; Popular in it Swing districts, The. It is even backed up 39 percent Independently, 61 percent of Republicans (!) Say nothing. Making the bill extraordinary in the Liberal Priority Constellation, non-college-educated whites, now increasingly the heel of the Democratic Alliance, support it with the same number of college-educated whites as Achilles.

The reason for that is not difficult to understand. Taxes are levied on the vulgar rich and large corporations Quite popular, Even among populist social conservative voters. Programs Most Popular: Medicare wants 81 percent to negotiate drug prices; 84% want to expand Medicare to include dental, vision and hearing benefits; There are even childcare loans that have been severely insulted 59 percent Supports a poll on Reuters / Ipsos, and Biden’s approval rating exceeds 11 percent among Republicans.

Senator Joe Manchin proposes $ 3.5 trillion bill for a strong infrastructure bill, even in West Virginia, which is the Democratic Party’s biggest obstacle Extremely popular. However, many of the proposals are specifically designed to help shut down working-class Americans, often from the centralized benefits of the economy, including those in West Virginia.

There is no reason to believe that backing a strong reconciliation package will undermine democratic opportunities in the frontier districts and purple states. That leads to the following:

2) Many Frontline Democrats are going with Biden and the Progressives, and many of those in the detention center are in secure seats.

A closer look at the usual framework of “safe” progressives against “threatened” moderates breaks down. While some centrists who obstruct the Biden agenda are in really difficult seats, many are not. Josh Gottheimer, home-centric leader in New Centurion Won His last election saw a seven-point majority in a fast-blue district and six points for Biden over Trump. His colleague was Henry Queller Won His last election in the Texas district was won by nearly 20 points, a margin similar to that of Clinton Trump. Ed’s case of co-centric retention is fine Safety seat In Hawaii. and so on

In the Senate, Manchin is, in fact, much higher than the replacement value of this crimson situation – however, the Progressive Biden Act Very popular It is not clear if Manchin even intends to be re-elected in 2025. But the same cannot be said of the Kirsten film, which belongs to the blue-horned Cernet board in Arizona. Other Arizona Democrat Senator Mark Kelly has been a major supporter of the Reconciliation page, and the film’s relentless effort has contributed to her popularity. Sinks.

In fact, many Democrats and senators in tough states and districts, such as Katie Porter in California’s 45th District and John Tester in Montana, do not allow leadership to cause a headache or clash with progressives on these popular priorities.

There is no reason to believe that there is more wisdom in retaining electoral power in the frontier districts than in those in similar districts in line with the President, not to mention the unforgivable obstructionists in the security districts. It is not fair to say that they are wise about the underlying policy that leads to the final point:

3) Cutting the Reconciliation Bill is not a responsible policy.

Needless to say, its valuable physical infrastructure and investment in the United States lag far behind many other countries in the developed world, as valuable books are written on the subject. Revenue, Equality, and Mobility. Despite the $ 3.5 trillion in the Reconciliation Bill (spread over 10 years!), The United States needs little to bring into the 21st century.

Since the Reconciliation Act should be moderate in revenue, it does not increase the deficit (although the level of GDP from US debt is in a safe area, historically historically low interest rates make borrowing incredibly cheap, so deficit spending is not really a problem). Expenditure is driven by taxes on the rich and the poor, and successful U.S. fees remain due to loopholes and loose enforcement. Less of a joke. The cost of mitigating natural disasters and climate change in the future is far greater than the cost of working to address it if we fail. The longer we take to fix it, the more expensive it will be in both life and money.

Clearly, from an economic point of view, opponents of the Buildback Better Act will fall prey to false stereotypes about American “competition” abroad, or risky statements such as Munchin’s recent statement that the bill will pay off. Make Americans are “soft”. Apple, Google and Caterpillar are not successful because of the difference in American corporate tax rates compared to Germany, but because Sweden, Britain or the Koreans are “softer” than the Americans. These arguments are hardly worth joking about with newspaper stenography, which would be more than anti-vaccine or flat-earth statements.

In short, there is no excuse for journalists in the mainstream media to take advantage of the fact that the statements of the centrists holding the Biden agenda in the Reconciliation Bill are somehow more intelligent, wise or responsible. They are not. Instead of giving them cover, it is more likely that they will appear to be coming to such indefinite positions on election and policy terms.




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