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Ted Lieu Blasts Claremont Institute For Whitewashing The John Eastman Trump Coup Memo

The Claremont Institute is trying to claim that the John Eastman Trump conspiracy memorandum is not really a conspiracy memoir, so Red. Ted Liu (D-CA) attacked them with facts.

The South is trying to destroy evidence of Trump’s conspiracy

The John Eastman memoir features six people, including Vice President Pence, agents Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scullys, and Supreme Court Justice Alito, plotting to keep Trump in power.

There is written evidence that Trump sought to overthrow a democratic election in order to stay in power.

The Claremont Institute tried to tell a different story, but Red. Ted Lee did not have it:

“The agent was right. The letter was not fake news. The plan was clear, it was based on Mike Pence, and the denial of election guarantees created chaos, allowing McCarthy and Scalis to sue and blocking the election certificate. Judge Alito issued an injunction ordering Republicans, who have a majority in the House of Representatives, to declare Trump a winner and throw it back into the state.

Nancy Pelosi saved the day by recalling Congress to ensure results after the 1/6 attack. Because Pence did not play, McCarthy and Scalise never had time to sue, and democracy survived.

Republicans are trying to rewrite history, so they are terrified of the 1/6 test and what it can reveal.




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