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Tḱemlúps te Secwépemc First Nation to meet Trudeau but ‘not interested in apologies’

Politics Internal for October 8, 2020: True Do tries again; Kenny faces leadership pressure; antivaxxers quit their jobs

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The First Nation of Temlops T Secvopemsi agreed to meet on Thursday Dr. Justin to de But on Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, he declined to apologize for ignoring their previous invitations and instead spending the holiday in Tofino. The star reports. “We are not interested in apologizing that does not lead to institutional and widespread change,” First Nation said in writing.

In May, more than 200 unmarked graves were found on the grounds of a former boarding school near the band. Timlops T. Sekvopemk later sent two invitations to the Prime Minister’s Office to attend True Doe’s celebration of the National Holiday, which his office ignored. The prime minister on Wednesday publicly apologized for the minor incident.

Lots of gross: Tanya Thalaga, The author of two important books on the struggles of indigenous youth due to Canadian colonialism. A strong column in the Globe There she praises First Nation for agreeing to meet True Doe.

This is the most beautiful thing of many aborigines: no matter what shit is thrown at us – racists shouting to get off the pavement, with genocidal laws and policies aimed at destroying us – we stand up. Our very existence is our resistance. It is not just a slogan. seeing is believing. That ‘s it [Chief] After he refused to attend the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation not once but twice, Rosen Casimir and the band were willing to extend their hands once again.

True Dove blames her for failing to show up.

However, the Prime Minister has a Lots of gross to do. After discovering the unmarked graves of children at the Kamloops Indian Boarding School, Mr. True did not bother to show the community his personal condolences. Finding the bones of unspeakable children, a leader seems to have given up almost everything, but he did not.

Shooting for Kenny: At least 10 UCP constituencies in the CBC are pushing for a leadership review for Jason Kenny before March 1. reports, Citing three secret sources. A minimum of 22 CAs is required to pass a resolution to force the party to act accordingly. Kenny Not popular.

Voting Issues: The NDP National Party has sent a letter to the Canadian elections calling for an inquiry into whether the organization failed to follow proper procedures, depriving citizens of the right to vote. reports.

Strict Sing: After the NDP committee meeting on Thursday, Jagmeet Singh spoke out, saying he would like to “suspend” the vote on liberal legislation and expressed a strong stance on cooperating with the Liberals in parliament. reports. The Liberals also met in Ottawa and said goodbye to their defeated allies, but apparently did not give MPs much clue about the agenda for the coming months. Globe reports.

Murder charges: CBC has Interesting and sad story About Rakesh David, a CPC volunteer accused of killing three relatives in Trinidad and Tobago. It then adds more facts A similar story in the National Post.

Manning tries to log in: US intelligence commentator Chelsea Manning fights to get permission for Canada, CBC reports. Canada is trying to stop her tour. “I like Canada,” she told the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Canned Anti-Waxer: A hospital in Windsor, Ont. More than 60 employees have been fired for refusing to give the postmedia vaccine reports.

Not so fast: Lawrence Martin, in the Globe, has Good column Comment to Dow suggests that other critics should be quick to declare him a lame duck and that he can run well again.

He is only 49 years old and he is only six years old from that position and has no heir. People of his age do not relinquish immense prime ministerial power except by force. He has a progressive policy vision to implement, ignoring and behind his Liberal Party. Why does the party not support him? Despite not getting a majority and getting a tragic turnout, Mr. True Doe is still He defeated his nearest rival by 40 seats. He extended his mandate when other leaders fought for their jobs or lost them. He gave life to the People’s Party, which fit in well with the way his party was fairly divided.

– Stephen Maher




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