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Symbolic Office suite CryptPad introduces the terms ‘document’ and ‘presentation’

CryptPad today announced the launch of several new features for CryptPad, an office and collaborative set of cryptocurrencies from end to end. The CryptPad team has integrated the two remaining remaining office editors for documentation and presentations into CryptPad’s real-time encryption collaboration engine. This only completes the office suite as spreadsheets are available for a period of time. As CryptPad’s spreadsheet editor, these two new applications depend not only on its server but also on the server-side components of Office.

Symbolic Office suite CryptPad introduces the terms document and presentation
Preview the new document application

Note, however, that new documents and presentations in’s new applications can only be created by subscribers. The CryptPad team said the kit is still free software and will remain the same. The code for these new integrations is available free of charge and is available for all other cryptopad instances if administrators choose to activate pre-login applications.

1634879467 468 Symbolic Office suite CryptPad introduces the terms document and presentation
Preview the new presentation application

“Early access means that everything is open source and ultimately accessible to everyone. People who support the project will be rewarded at first sight with many coveted applications. This is new to us, but we believe that the delay in accessing new applications is a relatively minor step. The big picture is that we are working on the long-term success of CryptPad. This currently includes full funding from users and they currently spend only 1/3 of our budget (contributions and donations collection on EU research projects such as NGI DAPSI currently cover the remaining 2/3. We have other ideas to encourage people to support the project and involve them in the future of the platform. Our recent work on translating documents in browsers has been put to a higher standard than the server where user data is exposed. It is released independently of CryptPad and can be reused for other projects. If you are interested in seeing how this works and checking out new documents and submission applications, please consider contributing to a plan on to make crypto pads sustainable for everyone. ”
– CryptPad Team

Mail Encrypted Office suite CryptPad introduces ‘Document’ and ‘Present’ applications.




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