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Steve Bannon Gets Closer To Jail As The House Sends Criminal Contempt Referral To DOJ

Steve Bannon 1/6 Committee referred the House to the DOJ for prosecution for criminal contempt for disregarding an assumption.

The house mentions Steve Bannon for criminal prosecution.

All House Democrats voted to refer Bannon to prosecution, and at least eight Republicans voted to defame Bannon.

Before the vote, Representative Liz Cheney called her own party.

Cheney’s video:

Ahead of the vote, Deputy Chairman of the 1/6 Committee, Representative Lees Cheney (R-W) said:

My colleague from Ohio, Mr. It was suggested by Jordan We were here because we were opposed Looks like President Trump’s policies Of course to forget it On January 6, he himself said: Excerpt: That’s what happened today Wrong and that is not the case in America about. The next day, Mr. Jordan said: What happened on Wednesday was a Tragedy. Everyone knows it’s wrong as well Can be wrong. Today, Mr. Speaker, the The former president proposed it Violence is justified.

My colleagues in the Republican Party, PRepublicans in Artie, This body must understand, Have to recognize that there is A moment when politics must stop If we want to protect and defend Our institutions. Violent attack on Capitol To stop a constitutional process Is the counting of election votes That moment. They all knew it that day.

U.S. Attorney is now legally required to convene a grand jury against Steve Bannon’s criminal insult.

The DOJ is unable to prevent Steve Bannon’s criminal referral. The U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., must convene a general jury. At first glance, it looks like the DOJ will sue if Bannon is indicted by the General Jury.

Maybe Steve Bannon was convicted of a crime and turned a blind eye at the last minute before being convicted and sent to jail, but Bannon is now one step closer to being behind bars as the 1/6 committee has sent them a stern message. Will not be considered.




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