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Smartbch Poolside Puffers NFT collection goes on sale in 3 days – 100% of proceeds go to orphanage in Vietnam – Blockchain Bitcoin News

Non-fungal symbols (NFTs) have become very popular in recent years as a large number of collections have fallen and billions of dollars worth of NFTs have been exchanged. Recently, the NFT collection known as “Polside Puffers” was introduced to the Bitcoin currency community through the Smartbach protocol. A total of 2,100 puffers were sold in less than three days, and the proceeds will be donated to an orphanage in Vietnam.

2,100 unique art collections built with Smartbch – meet by the pool

those Smartbch protocol Attraction is increasing as people are mining for a number of tokens using decentralized exchange platforms (dex) platforms such as Lake Misty (Lake And BenzWap, as well as discussing new SmartBeach ideas through various forums. Blockchain NFT collections such as Cryptopunks, Board Ape Yat Club and others have recently been furious, with the Smartbch print NFT collection selling out in three days this week. The NFT collection was “Pool Puffers” Launched By Cobb Fraser (plemaplesyrupsuckr) On October 3rd.

“Introduction Pool Puffers, ”Fraser wrote on Twitter. 2,100 unique art collections. 100% of the proceeds from the mining will be donated to a local orphanage in Da Nang, Vietnam, which supports abandoned children.

Smartbch Poolside Puffers NFT collection goes on sale in 3 days - 100% of it goes to orphanages in Vietnam
Fraser’s Smart Beach twisted NFT collection “Poolside Puffers” goes on sale in three days.

Each puffer sold for 0.0035 BCH For more than approximately $ 2 per unit in use today BCH Exchange rates. “Dollar PP is a friendly art project to introduce Bitcoin Cash and extensive crypto users to the new EVM SmartBCH, thereby enabling Ethereum smart contract capabilities, including the ST721 NFT,” Fraser added in his introductory tweet. He added:

There are 2,100 pieces of polzide puffer art that can be added based on eight features such as body, tail, tail fins, fins, face, accessories and background and actually spikes. Every puffer is 100% unique. There are also other rare puffers. The denser the puffer, the rarer it becomes. Some features, such as animated backgrounds and bloody eyes, are also rare. With some accessories.

The SmartBeach innovation is still glorious

Of Fraser Puffer NFT Has been Popular on Twitter And the smart contract address of the collection can be viewed through it Explorer. Fraser and many others believe that it is still too early to talk about what can be built with Smartbatch.

“It’s still too early for a smartbatch – it has a long way to go to compete with FTM, Matic, Avax and other major projects,” Fraser said. Noted this week. But as they say. The first bird gets the worm. Or in this case, Puffer. Who knows, maybe someday dollar PP will be a rare delicacy. Another interesting NFT set printed on the Smart Beach Protocol Collection of BArobots. there are There are only 10,000 borough machines in total and each robot is unique and has a seed of NFT proof.

In recent times many people have said the same thing as Fraser as the Smartbch gets a variety of uses BCH Proponents. “The vast majority of the market has no idea that there is a smartbch or the crazy amount of activity going on here. In the very early days,” the Twitter account was dubbed “cheap lightning” and tweeted on Sunday.

What do you think of the SmartBeach Protocol Attraction and Cobb Fraser’s Pool Puffer NFT? Let us know what you think about the subject in the comments section below.

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