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Senate’s Dumbest Republican Went To See A Man (Tucker) About Some Horse Paste

Senates Dumbest Republican Went To See A Man Tucker About

Tucker Carlson and Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson sat together on television last night, blindfolding each other and spreading conspiracy theories about Covid-19, who are still hospitalizing and killing Americans every day. Basically people who have not been vaccinated. Of course, there are quick opportunities, and there are exceptions, but tremendously it is unavoidable and overwhelming, It is in the south.

So it’s morally good for Tucker Carlson and Ron Johnson to lie to Fox News viewers about anyone who is not sick or dead? Of course, it’s probably good.

This Asinine lie Many today speak from the dumb Republican Party in the Senate:

Johnson: These orders are guided by an FDA bait and switch that we now have an approved vaccine. We do not have an approved vaccine in the United States.

They did it for Comornati – I guess in Europe, but the Pfizer vaccine in the US is not FDA approved – it has been approved for emergency use.

I wrote a letter to the FDA on August 26 – they still haven’t given me an answer as to why they didn’t approve it. Why are they basically lying to the American public? That is a serious question to ask – are we going to destroy our health care system with these privileges?

According to people who get the news by scrolling through their underwear through Facebook, the FDA did not approve of the Pfizer vaccine, but yes, they did, have you not heard?

Apparently this is a new conspiracy theory for the horse paste group, because you can not get many of them. Aaron Blake explains at Washington Post The plotters of this conspiracy theory, which came from the internet’s modem guts, realized that when Faizer got the FDA ‘s full FDA approval for the vaccine, it was renamed “Comirnati” because it exists. Furthermore The current Pfizer vaccine, which was previously licensed for emergency use No Also known as Comornati, hence …

Ah, even what these idiots are trying to say is confusing, let it be Blake tries to explain it:

[T]Hey the idea that the FDA is on a bait and switch. The Pfizer-Bioantech vaccine, marketed as Comvernati, was fully approved and the FDA extended the permit for emergency use of the vaccine under its current name.

Yes, as Senator Fakup said, we seem to “shift the bait.” They think there should be a Trick because there is a “Commernet” like the original Pfizer-Bioantech vaccine! And ‘Spirit! Steve Bannon and Robert F. Blake, quoted by other prominent brain scholars such as Kennedy, agrees that there is a Trick! And ‘Spirit! Blake quotes experts as explaining how stupid this shit is:

Chris Byrne, a public health epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School, said the Pfizer vaccine, currently manufactured and purchased, could not be legally shut down with the Cominati brand.

“As a result, the EU has been using Pfizer for some time [fully authorized] Comvernati is more widely available, “Beer said.” This is the norm, not an unusual thing, and [it] The EU does not cancel. “

Ohhhhhh! Therefore, they can not name the vaccine boxes they have already manufactured, “Comirnati”, which means that in the fullest sense of the word, the fully licensed vaccine “Comirnati” is already in its pre-packaging. That is the big conspiracy theory.

When Blake broke it in August, he wrote, “This is largely something that has degraded the extreme of the vaccine-suspicious community,” but notes that it is beginning to catch on. Fast forward to October, here is the dumb man in the Senate with his face directly to Tucker Carlson and speaking out loud.

This is some desperate shit.

At the beginning of the clip above, Johnson cut another one. Look, Faizer Checked An antiviral for the treatment of corona. The Wingnuts are determined based on nothing but literal Liars lie to them Let me tell you at RSRHH that the drug is being tested by Pfizer Just like Horse paste is made by taking a spoonful of some peanut butter. Meanwhile, Merck has a new drug, Molnupiravir Somewhat helpful In the treatment of COVID-19 infection. However, it is a criminal offense to make mercury horse paste and not eat it!

Johnson revealed Merck’s part of that conspiracy theory:

In presenting his view, Johnson even followed the nickname attributed to Molnupiravir: “Manipiravir”.

“The teams of doctors I work with – they call it ‘manipuravira’,” Johnson said. “Now Merck has either manufactured or patented Ivermectin, and they will now pay $ 700 a dose of Ivormectin, the ugly 700 drug, against Ivermectin. [which] The price of a slice is about six or seven cents. “

Phonekatte is more likely to say that phone companies are angels, but never do such things and run away from it. According to Blake, it is true that Merck’s corona drug is more expensive than horse paste. He notes that too Studies show that horseradish does not correct COVID And no, Faizer’s antivirus Not like horse paste, So comparing any of these is similar to comparing apples, you know, with horse paste.

Johnson told Tucker, “Tucker, something terrible is going on here, and it would have cost tens of thousands if hundreds of thousands of lives had been lost.” Wait, what has happened to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people? Unclear, Ron Johnson says only words.

Tucker asks: You have killed more than 700,000 people. Is there any evidence that any of these measures, which have completely changed the country, have saved a large number of lives? I mean if we had ignored it, would more than 700,000 people have died? Honest question.

Tucker Giff on the face of Tucker Golden Retriever curiosity.

Ron Johnson replied: I doubt it! But I’m sure they present science to prove that they saved every kind of life! Science is corrupt, our medical system is corrupt. I put up a chart in the Senate last week showing that the epidemic is over before I have a chance to get vaccinated. On that chart you now hope that the plague will continue to disappear. It did not happen, we have a big delta fluctuation!

Just like when they said there was a new virus in the virus, they really meant that there was a new virus … fuck it up.

Not only does Ron Johnson say “why say this” but he’s grateful to him, Tucker said. Tucker then tried to say goodbye, at which point he mentioned Ron Johnson and something else and told the conspiracy theory of fake FDA approval, and God, we’re tired of writing this post several times a week.

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