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Robert Spencer on OAN — CNN prepares Americans for socialist scarcity

Contrary to the single blogs YouTube / Rumble, it’s nice to see RS on a slightly more mainstream channel. Speaking of which, Newsmax was inactive for a while today until the live show. I hope Own de Rumble, like Newsmax, will be broadcast live on their own website

2:00 When it comes to food, a shortage of one product leads to a high demand for another because people do not give up and eat less. If there was a shortage of pork, I would look more into chicken and lamb. If there was a shortage of Oreo-Ida Fry, I would look into getting more of a burger or hotdog bun. The Kellogg & Marie calendar may seem like a luxury item until the shortcomings extend to the most basic things. Finally, we can see the rationing – I remember when I was a child in Calcutta in the 80s in a state where there was a Marxist government and a country that was proudly socialized.

6:00 I know DC can make money at the hands of the elite, but already China looks like a superpower over the US. Even more – we are talking about shortcomings foods – Something we do No Largely imported. Auto chips and other things are even more basic. The result of the shortage of trucks is the overcrowding at the ports and the fact that there are several trucks to ship and empty the warehouses.

10:00 The Islamization of indigenous / indigenous communities is very dangerous and if it is allowed to continue, it will be one of the greatest victories for Islam since 9/11. I know we are well awake, but every country, from Mexico to Chile, needs to reaffirm its indigenous (Aztec / Maya / Inca / _____) as well as its Latin heritage and say no to Islam.




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