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Radical activists clash with police to occupy Washington in Jan. 6 style attacks

Democracy died in the dark Washington Post Because this week’s editors embedded a story about radical climate protesters clashes with police to capture the Interior Department and protest the White House.

Most importantly, the editors felt that the story that led to the episode was about an animal that escaped from a farm and died a month ago.

Radical activists clash with police to occupy Washington in Jan


those Postal Until the seventh paragraph, the anti-Biden forces that “occupied” the building at the White House and clashed with the police made no mention of the threat to democracy:

State Department spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said in a statement that Federal Security Forces had responded to the protest “to calm the situation.” Security forces suffered “multiple injuries” and one officer was taken to hospital.

Do you see what he did in the post? Whitewashing continues:

In the protest, 55 persons including Aboriginal leaders and two persons were arrested and used to attack them at least two people to attack.

Because of colonization, our mission has been passed down from generation to generation – the preservation of sacred things. We will continue to sing like those who went before us and stand up for our youth, for land and water, ”said a statement from the aboriginal leaders who led the occupation. “You can arrest us, tear gas us, but poison us, but there are always more hearts to continue the song until we are all free.”

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It is not enough for Biden to try to block oil and gas leases on federal lands or for him to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline.

His angry supporters will not be happy until we all run hybrids that get gas from distribution trucks instead of electric cars or pipelines powered by coal.

All of these protesters made no mention of how they got to Washington, D.C., or how ridiculously high the price of gasoline was.

The protesters had been working in DC all week. They clashed with police at the White House, and today they have to go to the Capitol and tell lawmakers they need to stop energy development, or else.

From Postal Their initial coverage was very sad, and today we offer this as a reminder of how their coverage should be:

U.S. rebels storm U.S. Capitol’s Interior Department and clash with police at White House

The American Holocaust, which Joe Biden vowed to end when his presidency dawned, was revived this week in horrific, treacherous form, and climate activists took a final stand on the fire and incited the Home Office and the U.S. Capitol to attack and campaign as part of their supporters’ efforts. Climate conspiracy.

The extraordinary anarchy that hindered the work of Congress brought American democracy to the brink.

After hundreds of protest leaders gathered outside the White House and earlier this week inside the Interior Ministry, rebels again ordered anti-Biden troops to break through police barriers, break down walls and windows and enter the capital.

The robbers roamed freely in the beautiful halls of the building, some of which were made of petroleum products. They grabbed the Senate and the House chamber and ran through the drawers on the table. They destroyed the offices of the Congress leaders. They attacked police and other government employees. One tried to replace the U.S. flag with a Canadian flag that flew over the balcony.

Perhaps Facebook investigators will correct the mainstream coverage of the non-peaceful protest movement in which several police officers were injured and hospitalized.




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