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People Are Catching On (2)

What I wrote here about the Trafalgar poll data is that most Americans (56%) think that Joe Biden does not pursue a policy and agenda for “his” administration. In that poll, a 36% minority thought Biden was indeed responsible. That was in July.

Since then, things have gone badly downhill. This is the latest of many instances where it is clear that Joe Biden was not in possession of his notable faculties that he had never started.

today, Rasmusan A different, more poignant question was asked: “How confident are you that Joe Biden will be physically and mentally elected President of the United States?” It’s boldly clear, and if you’re a democrat, the response is not encouraging:

Voters are increasingly skeptical about President Joe Biden’s ability to perform his office duties, and a majority of voters believe others are operating behind the scenes.

Only 27% of U.S. voters believe Biden is physically and mentally fit for the U.S. presidency, according to a national telephone and online survey by New Rasmussen. Another 14% say they have some confidence in Biden’s abilities, while 8% are not so sure and 50% are not. Voter confidence in Biden’s ability has waned since August.

This is really unusual. It’s one thing to approve or disapprove of a politician’s performance, but this tells us that only 41% of voters have “somewhat” confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to perform as a president – not to perform well, but to do so. Fifty-eight percent are unconvinced that Biden is “physically and mentally the president of the United States,” and 50 percent are “absolutely not.”

I doubt we have seen numbers like this. Joe Biden is the tragic shell of his former unattractive soul, and many Americans have come to realize this despite a concerted media effort to portray everything as “normal” in the “Biden administration.” This is a problem that could make it even worse for Democrats. Biden’s condition is not good and more and more Americans will realize that there is no one at the wheel in the next few months.




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