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Pauline Hanson is more of a politician than Barnaby Joyce

Experiment of Thought: A foreigner who understands the basic concepts of parliamentary democracy comes to us and finds out how we govern ourselves, without knowing anything about Australia. The alien is particularly curious to see how we face the threat of the survival of global warming.

What does our guest do with the show of a small group of politicians who refuse to accept the true reality of the threat and represent only one out of every eight voters, and refuse to allow any action to address the threat to existence? Decade? It then demands huge sums of money from other communities to lift its veto power – will most of it end up in the pockets of the people who fund those politicians?

Her first question was probably how this was allowed and then why it was allowed without police intervention.

In Australia, however, we generally acknowledge that a group representing 13% of the electorate – 4.5% for the National Party and 8.7% for the Liberal National Party in Queensland – can take immediate action to pose a greater threat and extortion. Billions to stop the protest. On Sunday we learn about the prices charged to join Australia in the late 20th century and to achieve appropriate emissions targets in the late 1990s.

Part of that generalization reflects the National Party’s persistent failure to understand what it really is: a vehicle for taxpayers to use their own interests and fund it, always using Australia’s parliamentary system – these days, fossil fuel needs. It is not a political party by any traditional means.

To be a political party one must have some kind of political vision and public interest – no matter how distorted or frightening it may be. Pauline Hansen You may see her view of national interests as disgusting, but she is more of a politician than a nationalist. At least she has one. Nationals have a common purpose of racketeering, not a vision.

The special entertainment provided to the nationals by the Press Gallery is also a part of it. Journalists have a permanent license to be “racist” and “genuine” and to violate basic political and governing laws without political affiliation. They retain a lower level of behavior than even other parties – other parties.

No other party may be allowed to return to the leadership of a person who has been sexually abused by a trusted plaintiff without proper independent investigation. Verified writers of taxpayer money cannot be returned to the Cabinet by any other party. No other party can allow its seniors to break cabinet cooperation, to publicly insult cabinet colleagues, or to be punished.

These are the actions to be remembered in a party in a formal alliance with the Freedom Party. Nonetheless, national ministers are allowed to engage in performance ignorance, and they regret that they acted unknowingly on the policies formulated by the cabinet of which they are partners, and that the “government” did not entrust them with policies for “approval.” Next weekend the special theater will sit in a national party room comprised of national cabinet ministers and discuss the merits of the policy that the ministers have already agreed on.

However, to the delight of the media, this theater of nonsense has generated a constant stream of stories, with an active Liberal leader trying to reconcile the traitors to climate action, and the journalists’ entire focus has been on tug-of-war. The use of an expensive taxpayer-funded rope — between two factions of the same government and a rivalry — is by no means the real policy.

We spent 18 months in this old-fashioned racist journalism — although two winners are yet to be announced: Scott Morrison won his 2050 deal and the nationals will pour billions more in tax dollars. The only loser is Labor (mistakenly considered “wedge”, “outlapped”) – you know the drill).

The biggest activists, however, are not the nationalists above the runway, but the “liberal moderates” who peacefully tolerate the extortion and policy degradation of nationals.

Zimmermans, Falinsky, Shermas, Wilsons — inevitably met with quotes from the Op-Aids and Dial-a-metropolitan newspapers, called for more climate action and worked hard to avert Tony Abbott’s fate. From their abolition of the carbon pricing system to the destruction of the Renewable Energy Agency and the abolition of independent climate agencies – except for their vote and endorsement of every effort to finance carbon capture and storage and funding for coal export subsidies and to prevent climate change. The latest breath, Angus Taylor’s “Colchkeeper” tax (Wilson’s work on a rare fun Morrison joke is now on the rise).

Through the ruins of Australian climate policy, the “moderates” walked side by side with the nationals, walking through the bush with great enthusiasm like bastards and setting them on fire.

In the coming weeks, they will be helping national furniture taxpayers avoid the Morrison embarrassment in Glasgow in the name of diverting attention from the semi-extreme climate judged by the PMO’s talents and their newsletter advisors. . They will then try to gift and sell the noisy gift of policy to their metropolitan constituencies, with voters not shrinking their noses, marking the box and desperately realizing that they have been shaken once again.

That’s the problem with being accused of colluding with thieves and writers in moderation: no matter how much you warn of renewable investments, no matter how much you try to tweak through coal power plants and look at the city, you can not avoid being part of the racket. Modern at your local North Beach or Double Bay Cafe.

You who are used by thugs are still a champ. Like the rest of us.

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