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New model with a large, durable display – time to upgrade?

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple’s latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 7, will hit stores on Friday with a large display and a unique pair of new watches to choose from.

The iPhone maker and technology giant unveiled the latest watch last month — with the iPhone 13 — shipping to customers who can order before October 8th. Grade 7 starts at $ 399 and $ 429 for the 41mm size model. For the 45mm model.

The screen size of Apple’s latest watch displays is 20% larger and 40% thinner than the previous model Series 6. For techies, watch applications are easier to use. For those looking for basics, a fairly large display is punch pictures and text. It’s up to you to decide if these upgrades are enough to get you a Grade 7 watch.

What’s new with the Apple Watch?

The new Retina display of the Apple Watch Series 7 is an upgrade this year. The display border is 40% thinner than the Grade 6, which allows your watch face or app to cover that space. Apple boasts that it has 70% brighter indoor brightness than its predecessor and makes it easier to read.

With a larger display, I found it easier to type the slightly larger keys on the password function correctly. In the gym and on the go, I can easily read the various data that show up: calories, heart rate, distance.

Some newer clock faces use these additional real estate deals: a one-stop database that includes modular duo face, time and other readings, including temperature, weather forecast, market trends, your activity and heart rate; And the contour face, the numbers are pushed to the border of the display – growing as time approaches.

In addition to those two Series 7 unique watch faces, you can customize 24 hours and all information for all watches that can run WorldOS.

The latest watch is also tough, with a 50% thickness front crystal to provide good resistance to cracks, and Apple says this is the first time it has been certified with the highest dust resistance. The watch is also rated for water resistance up to 50 meters.

The new model comes with a faster charging USB-C cable and the Series 7 watch charges 33% more than the previous model. Grade 7 charges the battery all day long and lasts for 18 hours. If you want to wear a watch while you sleep, you can charge it eight minutes before bed so you can spend the night.

If you choose an aluminum cover, you can choose from five new colors: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue and Red. Other colors including black, gold, graphite, silver and titanium are available in expensive stainless steel (up to $ 699) and titanium models (up to $ 799).

What else can the Apple Watch Series 7 do?

The sensors in the Apple Watch Series 6 monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, perform an electrocardiogram that measures heart rate, and tell if you have a low, high or irregular heart rhythm. Wondering if you can get enough sleep? The clock also monitors it with other measurements when you fall asleep.

You can now also use a full keyboard on the Apple Watch. Despite the size of my fingers, I was able to use QuickPath to type letters or slip along the keyboard – that’s fine, but I don’t like to communicate that way. There is also a new write screen that allows you to draw letters for your text.

Its built-in accelerometer and gyroscope allow the watch to detect if you have fallen (automatically detects a fall in 55 or more users). If you fall, the clock gives you a one-touch option to call an ambulance. If you fall and do not move for 60 seconds, an emergency call will be made automatically and your emergency contact will be notified.

With the release of the Watch OS 8 (available on the Apple Watch Series 3 and later) last month, fall detection for cyclists and exercisers has also been added.

Do you want a new Series 7 watch?

As someone who has not worn a watch for decades until recently, I came up with smart watches. Having a Series 7 on your wrist means you don’t have to look at the clock, pick up the phone, read a text message, or take the phone out. And the Apple Watch is very light – less than 1.5 ounces in the 45mm aluminum casing model – you can almost forget that it was there.

If fitness is a big part of your life, a smartwatch can also help you track your heart rate, distance and time for your workout. Apple continues to build the Fitness + service, which includes a watch for your activities (you will receive a three-month free subscription upon purchase of any new Apple Watch Series 3 or higher; $ 9.99 per month thereafter).

If you have a family member at risk of falling, the watch may be a good option. Emergency calls can be made to an Apple Watch with a cellular subscription, either near the owner’s iPhone or to Wi-Fi calls.

However, if you have an Apple Watch that has been released for the past three years and are satisfied with it – there is no pressure to upgrade now. (For health features such as blood oxygen, ECG and fall detection, you need the Apple Watch Series 4 or newer released in 2018.)

But if a new big screen is of interest to you, consider it anyway.

Smart watches are increasingly being made from apple pie

Over the past nine months (ending June 27, 2021), Apple Watch has helped the company’s apparel, home and accessories segment revenue grow by 30% (to $ 29.6 billion), behind iPhone sales (37% to $ 1 billion). 153.1) and services (27.8% to $ 50.1 billion).

Apple accounts for close to 53% of the global smartwatch market, shipping 46% (9.5 million units) more than a year earlier in the second quarter of 2021, compared to Samsung’s 11% and Gamin 8%. . To Strategic Analysis.

Neil Mouston, executive director for global wireless training at the research institute, says the Apple Watch Series 7 could be the best seller now over the holidays. “The Apple Watch 7 will be a powerful Christmas present for many, with a larger screen, faster charging, durable body, new covers and new fitness apps,” he said.

But if you really need one, order a good one as soon as possible, Mouston said. “The production of the Watch 7 and other models can sometimes be uncertain or obscure due to lack of components, power shortages, shipping disruptions and the ghosts of unexpected COVID variants,” he said. “You may want to buy a new watch this winter, but it’s probably harder than you expected.”

How do I update Apple devices to fix security bugs?

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