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New clips, characters and Kumail Nanjiani finger guns

Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) powers his finger guns with eternal power

Finger guns!
Screenshot: Marvel Studio

Maybe thousands of years have passed since the Marvel studio First announced That so much is unknown Eternal Will star in his own film. But less than a month after the end of that movie, at the end of the proverb – there are still assumptions to be made. There is a new clip to check out, it is extremely stylish Guidance To some of them Eternal Just a taste of themselves and a star Kumail Nanjiani Awesome.

We take Remove the clip first; I amNamed “Run”, it’s an extensive version of the trailer ‘s rescue of the Eternal Little Child from the Devians:

I’d pretty much assumed that the clip was named “Run” and that Icaris (Richard Madden) or Kingo (Nanjiani) would tell that dumb boy to run, but obviously it ‘McCurry mentions super speed (The walking deadLauren Ridloff), she uses to save the child and attacks the protection of other primitive people.

Unfortunately, McCurry is not one of the perpetrators of these small, but fascinating bio videos from the Markle headquarters YouTube channel. But because the Eternal are still not well known (either in the Marvel movie universe or in reality Worm)) You can spend your time less productively. Here are Sirsi (Gemma Chan), Ajax (Salma Hike) and Kingo:

you can Go here To watch videos for Icaris and Thena, you can definitely watch Sprite (Leah McGhg), Fastos (Brian Terry Henry), Gilgamesh (Don Lee), Druig (Barry Koegan) and McCurry later.

Finally the change of Kingo and Ajax Ego Were on Jimmy Kimmel Live To promote last night’s movie and talk about uh, say Reeves’ ass. But they also discussed Kingo’s super power and you can see it in the video above Undisputed weapons, and such a set was called by Director Chloe By Shao himself (it starts at 8:45 in the video):

I always knew in my heart that the actors who acted as these superheroes had to work really stupid to provide enhanced visuals with VFX to look like amazing powers. But the idea of ​​poor Kumail Nanjiani is to show a gun in his hand in the fullest sense of the word, like a child to shoot a movie, the next level bunker. It would be impossible for me not to think about this every time Kingo explodes something Eternal—Now you too are likely. you are welcome! Eternal Screening in theaters on November 5th.

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