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Nebraska GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Isn’t Worried About Getting Indicted. Not At All. Not One Bit.

Nebraska GOP Rep Jeff Fortenberry Isnt Worried About Getting Indicted

Sad news, friends! Biden seems to be targeting another God-fearing Republican by the FBI to say one or two tiny strands of adolescence that FBI agents mean. Or so to speak, Nebraska agent Jeff Fottenberry and his wife say they were able to get their story out on the internet last night, and the indictment they warn of will come today before the Department of Justice issues it.

(Watch this story go down thirty seconds after it was published. Isn’t that always the case!)

It starts with “Dear Friend” Open letter There Celeste Fortenberry tells the story of her husband’s tragedy. “Jeff and I have two pieces of news to share with you. One is bad and the other is very good. The bad news is we never thought we’d endure it. You’ve been a friend and supporter for so long, and you want to hear it directly from us.” Well, Jeff and I did a short video so you could hear him live. “

The following is an unabashed display of self-pity in a boy who tries to wrap the flag and the apple of God before he gets a word from the Department of Justice. Pickup Truck, “Stopped at a cornfield with his wife and his dog and begged the Americans to pray for him.” If we hadn’t already written it we would have even fallen for it (make a joke, we don’t do that) Lincoln was fired for wanting to post a Facebook post about it.

It is not entirely clear what went on here, but it looks like this Dipsit man has fallen in the middle Illegal campaign finance scheme There, a Nigerian billionaire donated $ 180,000 worth of straw to four American political candidates. Although Photonbury was delighted to raise $ 37,000 at a 2016 LA fundraising event, his wife is now angry that “California prosecutors” are targeting her poor, innocent husband.

“In 2019, after the hurricane, two men knocked on our door in Lincoln,” she admitted, “and it scared me a lot.” However, a congressman with several advanced degrees and who can not be called a baby in the woods sat down for multiple interviews with the FBI in front of a lawyer. Apparently the local police were there?

Let Celeste Fortenberry explain further! More from her open letter:

Jeff agreed to talk to them in our living room without a lawyer (Ditto) (never do that, your innocence will not protect you) but he called the police and asked them to stay for the conversation. The story that the FBI used to gain access to our home was changing.

Delegates said they needed his help. Jeff assumed that he was one of the few federal officials to assist other federal officials in seeking justice. Like you, his instincts were there to help. So, he talked to them.


In the video, the congressman sighed, saying, “I personally feel betrayed. I thought we were trying to help.” Because he’s a fool, he hopes you will too.

Also, was Tray Gaudi of the former Republic of Benghazi there for some reason?

The scene was tumultuous, and Jeff then spoke to his friend, Trey Gaud, who had served in Congress for advice and legal representation. Jeff volunteered to follow up with DOJ (this time in DC). At each step, agents and prosecutors reassured Jeff and Troy that Jeff was not a target. They knew he had no knowledge of illegal donations and that they were victims of that crime.

Now Joe Biden is trying to save Afghan Christians, the holy man of Jesus in Clinton Body County, because it’s an attack on you, a real American.

I do not know why he called us to fight this battle. But we fight it with everything we have for our family and America. Maybe those in power can help us stop using the Department of Justice as a weapon against their political enemies.

By the way, Jeff has to face this legal battle, and the Biden State Department continues to obstruct Jeff, who is working to rescue American citizens and Afghan Christians and their friends who are stranded and in danger in Afghanistan.

It does Absolute feeling If you really think about it. Fortenbury comes from Nebraska’s first congressional district, where he defeated his Democrat by 10 points and Trump by 15 points. So if Biden can bring in a backbencher like Jeff, that seat would be a good choice … or something.

So Fortenberry did the best he could Deleted article Complaining, “Biden’s FBI is using its unlimited power to prosecute me under false pretenses!”

“Unlike the swampy Nancy Pelosi, I’m not a principled conservative, I’m never abused my seat in Congress to get rich. “So, please give me a generous prize today to help me win this major battle!”

That’s not the tone they tried to hit with that video. Oh shit!

However, Jeff and Celeste want you to know that they are very good people who never commit crimes. Also – hey, I promised you good news! – Their daughter has just had a baby. So they are grandparents and everyone knows that imprisoning Grammy and Grammy is illegal.

In the end, at least until they drop that indictment, it may come as a surprise to consider the effort these foolish horses have made in the past.


[Fortenberry Letter / KLKNTV]

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