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MLB draws 45.3 million as fans return, down from 68.5 million before COVID-19

MLB draws 453 million as fans return down from 685

NEW YORK – Major League Baseball cricketers attracted 45.3 million players this year, allowing a systematic return of 68.5 million viewers from the corona virus epidemic last season to 2019.

The Los Angeles Dodgers led the major leagues with 2.8 million home visits. They did not start selling at full capacity until mid-June.

This time the MLB term averaged 18,901 for 2,397 days, the commissioner’s office said Monday.

Atlanta was second with 2.3 million, followed by San Diego with 2.2 million, Texas and St. Louis with 2.1 million and Houston with 2.07 million.

As the owner of the New York Yankees, Steven Cohen earned $ 1.96 million in his first season, Boston $ 1.7 million and the Mets $ 1.5 million.

Miami finished 640,000, Auckland 29th 700,000, Tampa Bay 280th out of 760,000, Baltimore 2790 790,000 and Toronto 260,000.

The Blue Jays played New York at the Spring Training Ball Park in Dunedin, Florida, and then returned to the Trinity-A Ball Park in Buffalo, New York before reaching Rogers Center on July 30 with a maximum capacity of 29,000. September.

Texas alone started the 2021 season at 100% capacity, with teams with the rest of the U.S. able to reach full capacity from Atlanta on May 7 to Seattle on July 2.

Other dates to reach full capacity were Arizona (May 25), Boston (May 29), Kansas City (May 31), Baltimore (June 1), Cincinnati and Cleveland (June 2). Philadelphia (June 4), Detroit (June 8), Chicago Cubs and Washington (June 11), Philadelphia (June 12), St. Louis (June 14), Los Angeles and San Diego (June 17), June , Metz (June 21), Chicago White Sox, Houston, Milwaukee and San Francisco (June 25), Colorado (June 28), Auckland (June 29), Pittsburgh (July 1) and Minnesota and Tampa Bay. (July 5).

Due to the epidemic, MLB 2020 played a short schedule and the average duration was played entirely without fans.

Medium-sized sites in Arlington, Texas, with 75,843 participants, sold a small percentage of the capacity for post-season games. The Dodgers beat Atlanta in the seven-game NL Championship, and the Dodgers beat Tampa Bay in six World Games, winning 68,622.

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