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Microsoft Kinect returns, thanks to Sky’s new all-TV TVs

Next year, Sky will resurrect the original dream of Microsoft’s Kinect device. The British satellite broadcaster announced its new Sky Glass TV this morning and the company has developed a separate 4K camera that includes motion control and gesture support. It works even across sports and has a social TV sharing feature built in partnership with Microsoft.

“By working with Microsoft, we’m building a great feature that allows us to watch TV together, even if we are miles apart,” explains Fraser Sterling, Sky’s Chief Production Officer. “It syncs your TV with other residents, with integrated videos and on-screen chats, so you can choose content from the biggest channels, including Premier League matches, movies, and your favorite entertainment.”

Sky’s new watch assembly feature is a partnership with Microsoft.

The social TV feature is what Microsoft tried and failed in 2013 with its Kinect device. Launched with the Xbox One Kinect, it also includes an HDMI-in port for access to TV satellite providers such as Sky and Cablebox. Microsoft had several big plans for Xbox TV, and even experimented with social features that would allow Xbox owners to watch TV together. Eventually, the Kinect bundle failed and the company took back all of its bold TV plans.

Sky’s Watch Toggle, a partnership with Microsoft, also allows people to see each other’s reactions instantly. When you watch together you can also stop, skip and drive again. The really interesting thing about this camera is that it supports motion controls and gestures for gaming.

The game is available on Sky Glass TV, which is the title of the sin patrol and specially supports this new camera. Fruit Ninja. The camera also activates multiplayer games. “Choose your opponent at home or in another home and play through your body movement or gesture control,” Sterling says. “Family sports will never be the same again.”


The Sky Glass camera supports motion control for sports.
Image: Sky

Sky invests heavily in the controls and controls of its Sky Glass TVs. “Hello, Sky” enables Sky’s voice commands as a digital assistant, and you can even use it to switch to an HDMI port by saying “Sky, Xbox” to switch to an Xbox console if you have a connection.

They all sound and look very similar to the Kinect. Having dreamed of owning a living room with Microsoft smart cameras and voice controls, Sky is now trying to keep that dream alive.




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