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Liz Truss says it is ‘dehumanising’ to be ‘treated as a woman’, as she is challenged over trans rights

Liz Truss says it is ‘dehumanising to be ‘treated as

Liz Trose has said that “treating someone as a woman” destroys humanity – instead of seeing everyone as “individual”.

The Minister of Equality told a meeting of the Conservative Party at the convention that the use of the word “woman” meant that boxing would prevent proper focus on “talent and ideas and hard work.”

The comments came as a Council of Europe report challenged the government’s treatment of transgender people in the wake of a rise in hate crime.

Ms. Truss, who made a brief note of the similarities as foreign secretary on Monday, said people have no right to be identified as a different gender without a medical examination.

In Manchester, the rising Tory star refused to accept the position of equality as a job to be done alone: ​​“I believe in the principle of personal humanity and dignity.

She said, “Destroying humanity means treating your own talents and ideas as a box that should be marked only by a woman, not a person, rather than someone who works hard.

“That’s what we need to focus on again – rather than seeing people as part of an identity group, we need to see them as individuals.”

The Council of Europe report called the denial of self – identification “contrary to international human rights standards,” following a sharp rise in post-2015 attacks.

“Such rhetoric denying transgender identities is being used to reverse the rights of trans and non-binary individuals and is contributing to growing human rights issues,” the body, a member of the United Kingdom, warned.

But Ms. Truss said: “I think we have struck the right balance between simplifying the process of identifying gender and kindness, and maintaining checks and balances in the system.

“Furthermore, it is very clear that single-sex spaces can be protected by organizations under the Equality Act.”

Ms. Trous was also present at the marginal meeting organized by the Conservative Home website:

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