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It takes bold steps to harness the potential of digitization: Jazz’s Chief Business Officer – Technology

It takes bold steps to harness the potential of digitization

Relationship has now become a fundamental human right and should be taken into account by all government initiatives in the field of information and communication technology.

Ali Nazeer, Jazz ‘Chief Business Officer, shared these views at the’ General D – Nurturing Digital Pakistan ‘event hosted by the Millennium University College (TMUC) in Islamabad.

“As a country behind its peers, Pakistan cannot implement policy decisions that do not achieve this goal,” Nasir said.

Citing the latest Internet Index (3i) of the Economist Intelligence Service, he stressed that Pakistan ranks 90th out of 120 countries in South Asia.

Ali argued that despite the good advances in connectivity and digital technology that have been made available over the past few years, Pakistan is still lagging behind.

PTA renews jazz license

To this day, half of Pakistan is not affiliated. This is the reality of how many successes there have been in the last few years. If this is not addressed immediately, Pakistan’s declared ‘digital dividend’ could unfortunately lead to an inevitable ‘digital split’.

Policymakers deserve credit for taking the right steps, taking the telecom sector to industrial status and taking the necessary steps, including reducing WHT and FD for services.

However, instead of focusing on growth enhancements, he said, we need bold steps to harness the true potential of digitization.

“Globally, the use of digital technology is so rapid and on a large scale that we cannot compete without the right public-private partnership that enables a complete digital ecosystem at the grassroots level.”

Ali, for example, noted that Pakistan contributes only 0.1 percent to the global cloud market, which is expected to remain stable over the next few years.

Number of 3G, 4G users in Pakistan up to 103.12 m: PTA

In order to break this cycle and accelerate the use of digital technology, Nasir stressed the importance of bringing people connected to cellular networks but not using the Internet to the Internet.

He called on industry and policy makers to make a significant transformation for the smart society envisaged under the ‘Digital Pakistan’ program.

If not addressed immediately, Pakistan’s declared ‘digital dividend’ could unfortunately lead to an inevitable ‘digital divide’: Jazz Chief Business Officer Ali Nasir

It is not very practical to expect a digital revolution when there are a large number of mobile phones that use only 2G. Of the 13.05m mobile phones manufactured locally between January and August, 5.48m were 4G compatible smartphones. The government should cut the wires on both the import of 2G phones and the local production. Widespread penetration of 4G enhances digital usage and opens up huge socio-economic opportunities for the public, ”he said.

Pointing to the students in the audience, Ali stressed that the youth have a very important role to play in breaking this deadlock.

You have the power to change the local digital landscape, empowering millions with the tools needed for success. Use technology to create solutions that positively affect society today. Private sector players are more willing to assist you in realizing your ideas. ”

Citing the example of Deftok, an online sign language service provider that activates people with hearing impairments, Ali noted that starting with the company’s accelerator program, Jazz XLR8, and the National Incubation Center, turned its unique idea into a successful business venture. The founder recently received a $ 250,000 grant under the GSMA Innovation Fund for Auxiliary Technology, which plans to increase its translator capacity to reach national and international audiences.

Nasir concluded the discussion by highlighting the importance of turning for the younger generation.

“There is no such thing as future evidence. The world is changing rapidly and constantly. You have to be resilient and use innovation, networks and collaborations to plan for a sustainable future. He advised viewers to act with” curiosity, not judgment. ” .





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