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Instagram checkout notification system for messy crashes

Instagram checkout notification system for messy crashes

One week after the worst crash in its history, Instagram revealed that it was testing a notification system to make people aware of opportunities where technical issues affect the service.

You may believe that you should not be notified when Instagram is down, because you already realize the dangerous situation that is happening because you are sweating through your eyebrows or scolding on the phone.

But Instagram says that sometimes technical issues can cause confusion among their community, and some believe the issue is unique to them. In such cases, Instagram believes that a notification will “assure you that it’s not just you” and that the company’s engineers will work to resolve the issue.

Facebook-owned company “Through conversations and extensive research with our community, we know how confusing Instagram can be when it comes to temporary issues.” He said October 11. In a Monday post 11. “We also know that when they are pressured to join or distribute, problems can lead people to think that they are unique to themselves based on what they post. That lack of clarity can be frustrating, and that’s why we need to easily understand what is happening directly to us. ”

If this feature spreads to the entire Instagram community, you will see a notification in your Activity Code when a platform crash or technical problem occurs, Instagram said.

However, it said it would not always give notice when a breakdown occurred, but only “when we see people getting confused and looking for answers”. That way, maybe the company hopes the service will prevent people from running to Twitter and find out what’s going on, and maybe even immerse themselves in the service while they’re there.

The test will initially run in the United States and will continue in the coming months, after which Instagram will decide whether to make it a permanent part of its service.

The latest test on Instagram comes a week after a massive crash that left Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashing in about six hours. Facebook said the crash was caused by configuration changes on its routers. Another technical problem affected its services a few days later.

Account status

Instagram has also released a new tool called Account Status, described as “one pool to see what happens to your account and content distribution.”

It includes messages about whether an account is at risk of becoming inactive due to the content it publishes. If you think Instagram has made a mistake in analyzing your account, the tool also includes a “Request a Review” button.

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