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Independent review of Met culture and standards in wake of Sarah Everard murder

Independent review of Met culture and standards in wake of

Following the assassination of Sarah Eward, Metropolitan Police Chief Dame Crosida Dick called on an independent commentator to investigate the force’s culture and standards.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the prime minister reiterated his opposition to the commissioner’s resignation and stressed the “massive” task of restoring public confidence in the police.

Wayne Couson, an armed officer, used his police handcuffs and warrant to forcibly arrest Ms. Eward, 33, before she was raped and murdered.

After the assassination, the 48-year-old Civil Nuclear Constable called him a “rapist” because he caused great embarrassment to his colleagues.

He was charged with indecent exposure in Kent and London in 2015, just days before Ms. Eward was assassinated, but was allowed to continue working.

Dame Crosida said: “These events are extremely dangerous. When we say we are angry I speak up for my colleagues.

“We depend on the trust of the people, we do the police willingly and I know that public trust has been damaged.

Dame Crosida Dick has called on an independent commentator to look at the culture and standards of the Metropolitan Police (David Parry / PA). (PA wire)

“People are deeply concerned about what they see, and as a result, today I declare that an independent person should come and review it according to its standards and its culture. The way we treat each other and the public.

“Our leadership, our processes, our systems, our people, our training, everything will be looked at.

“This will be a completely transparent report. It will respond to me, but it will really make recommendations for changes. I’m sure they will be public.”

Wayne Cousins, a former Metropolitan Police officer, will spend the rest of his life in prison (Metropolitan Police / PA) (PA Media)

She plans to announce who will accept the review, which is expected to take at least six months to a week.

Responding to calls for her resignation in connection with the Evard case, she said: “People have a right to their opinions, I have a job to do, and I will do it.

“Now my task is to rebuild that public trust in the face of adversity.”

Earlier, Boris Johnson told Manchester radio broadcasters that there was now a “massive task” to strengthen women’s trust in the police.

The Prime Minister said: “What we can definitely conclude from the Wayne Cousins ​​incident is that there is a lot of work to be done to give women the confidence they need.

“I want to make it clear: I believe people should trust the police. I know that rising police officers, men and women across the country are definitely frustrated by what has happened and are doing everything they can to help and reassure the public. It is therefore imperative that the public have confidence in the police.

Boris Johnson has called for a change in police culture following the assassination of Sarah Eward (Peter Burn / PA). (PA wire)

“But all we have to do is do something to protect the streets. We invest heavily in CCTV and street lighting and things like that, and we ‘re sure to change the police culture.”

He called for a speedy resolution of crime and an increase in the recruitment of women police officers.

Yvette Cooper, chairwoman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, accused the Metropolitan Police of “throwing her head in the sand” about violence against women and girls, calling for an independent investigation into the investigative process used in recruiting officers.

The Prime Minister has already said that investigations by the Independent Bureau of Police Conduct (IOPC) of the Met and Police Guard should be allowed to proceed and rejected calls for an immediate public inquiry.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today, Ms Cooper said: “Sarah Eward was murdered by someone she trusted for abusing her power as a police officer.

Yvette Cooper (House of Commons / PA) (PA wire)

“We need an independent, independent inquiry into how this could have happened, how such a dangerous man has served as a police officer for so long, why he has not been investigated before, and how he was released to use firearms,” ​​he said. To the extent of failure to investigate and protect in the culture and attitudes of violence against women and girls in the police.

“I’m really worried about the government putting their heads in the sand. The Prime Minister will have to stop denying how serious it is and actually hold an independent inquiry into the case.

“Waiting is a brief note of time and, unfortunately, a person’s integrity cannot be guaranteed 100%,” Met said in a statement following Cousins’ death sentence.

“Wetting is one of the activities we take to protect the integrity of our organization and is as good as the day it is done.”

It states that officers are re-examined from time to time, that there is a secret number and the Office of the Director of Professional Standards for reporting officers’ wrongdoings, and that internal and external investigations are conducted to check the activities of the force.

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