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How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

Unfortunately, for many of us, as the weather cools down and the nights get longer, our mood drops and our weight increases. Seasonal symptoms begin to appear as the day fades and we lose the few hours we can get as the time at home increases. The good news is that outdoor exercise in cold weather can play an active role in alleviating your symptoms and maximizing weight gain. Now you have K.Take away your winter training And set the best for the season.

How to fight the symptoms of seasickness disorder?

Seasonal effects can lead to disorders (SAD) It affects anyone and occurs in between 6-14% of the population depending on where you live.(1) In addition to making you feel intensely fearful, SAD can contribute to winter weight gain by increasing comfort and spending time alone.(2)

What is Seasonal Impact Disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal Impact Disorders (SAD) It is a mental illness that usually occurs at the same time every year during the winter. Symptoms include depression, fatigue, and despair, And withdrawal. A small form of seasonal mood swings is called winter blue.

Outdoors Exercise It may be the best solution to this serious problem. Lightapy is a traditional treatment for SAD. This includes exposure to an SAD lamp designed to mimic natural sunlight. Most people respond to mild treatment within a few days. The recommended use of an SAD lamp is 30-90 minutes with a power of 10,000 million per day.(3)

A woman running in the winter running

In addition to light therapy, scientific evidence shows that seasonal effects can be relieved by outdoor exercise with the release of the chemical serotonin (a satisfying hormone).(4)And through natural sun exposure!(5, 6)

Exercise is a proven strategy for dealing successfully with anxiety, stress and depression.(7) Continue that exercise You will be outdoors during the lunch break and you will also benefit from natural daylight and fresh air.

Snack Tip:

Do you know how much your diet affects your mood? Prepare your diet to include Natural mood enhancers Make your winter brighter.

Interestingly, the populations of Japan and Iceland have surprisingly low SAD rates despite the northern region and short winter days.(8, 9) Fish-rich diets in both countries (60 kg and 90 kg per year compared to 24 kg in Canada) increase essential vitamin D stores and are believed to fight SAD symptoms.

What are the causes of weight gain?

Winter weight gain is something but don’t worry — it’s not about the 2kg pile we read about in magazines. Of course, average Weight gain during the winter 0 only48 kg.(10) DearThe tangle is that these extra pounds stay around. They do not disappear during the summer months and can lead to obesity over time.

The reason for winter weight gain is controversial, but the evidence points to two main points; Lifestyle and Biology. During the winter months, it is not surprising that we like to hug inside and drop our shoes. Add to that the heavy food we take on holiday, chocolate and alcohol, you have a recipe Weight gain.

Close the lower body of the driver

Winter heavy biological roots

The biological roots of our winter kilograms go deeper: we humans have an innate desire to gain weight as a way to escape food shortages.(11) Ically historically this was even worse in the winter. The risk of overeating was not considered at the time. Now we have to choose the Trinity Chocolate Cheesecake and the Benefits. Scientists at the University of Exeter suggest that New Year’s Day may be the worst day to start a new diet.(12) So, we need a solution until our biology evolves. Outdoor exercise is the perfect antidote.

Cool weather maximizes your calorie burning

Exercise is undoubtedly the most effective way to prevent unwanted weight gain. However, for significant weight loss, the current recommendation for physical activity is more than four hours a week!(13) Exercising outdoors in the winter is the secret to burning calories during the extreme winter. Here is the reason:

Activate your brown adipose problem

Most of our body fat is stored in inactive white adipose tissue (VAT), which provides insulation but does not generate heat. In extreme cold, the vibration response can increase our energy expenditure (i.e. burn calories).Ed) is five times higher than resTin level.(14) or aWeaver, trembling is very uncomfortable and is not recommended as a strategy to increase calorie burning.

What is brown adipose tissue (BAT)?

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a metabolically active adipose tissue involved in the production and distribution of heat throughout the body. BAT helps keep mammals warm in the winter, and it was recently discovered in humans.

Management Brown Adipose tissueOn the other hand there is a special property. These vital tissues are normally activated at cold temperatures, generating the heat needed to function. Vibration aside, heat can be generated at cold temperaturesPay 11.8% off rest energy costs.(15) A recent study by Boundary on Physics found that BAT adapts to outdoor temperatures as the weather cools, generates more heat, and increases calorie intake.(16)

We now spend 90% of our time indoors, where ambient temperature is often controlled. Obesity is thought to be related to our constant hot environmentings.(17)

Exercising in the cold activates your brown adipose tissue (BAT) and improves your body’s ability to store heat while burning extra calories.

BAT activation through cold exposure increases insulin sensitivity, regulates blood sugar and reduces the risk of weight gain.(18, 19, 20)

So there you have it. Outdoor exercise and W.C.Inter-training burns more calories and improves your mood. Now that you have the cold, hard stuff, it’s time to get out of this winter. Give relief Seasonal effects disorder Symptoms With outdoors Exercise!

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