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How Canada’s CanSino COVID-19 vaccine deal with China collapsed

Politics for 15 October 2021 Internal: Vaccine Breakdown Made in Canada; Cabinet discussion; And CPC suspension

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Fifth Garden Released An investigation On Thursday, the Chinese government shed new light on the failed partnership with the Chinese vaccine maker Cancino. Two-year delay in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine made in Canada.

Government documents show that Canadian officials wasted months waiting for a proposed vaccine from China for further testing, and spent millions to upgrade a manufacturing facility that had never received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The report says that Canada’s plan seems to have failed due to Chinese political interference. Meng Wanshou Case

Prime Minister Dr. Justin to de The deal was announced to Canadians on May 16, 2020. But a letter from the federal government at the end of that month revealed that the Canadian embassy in Beijing was still working to remove the vaccine from Chinese customs. “Cancino vaccine is still in Chinese customs,” the memorandum said. “To the Embassy a [meeting] Tomorrow. Assuming they go through customs [tomorrow]They can be airlifted on the 27th. But the vaccine candidate was not airlifted on May 27. Huawei CFO on the same day Meng Wanshou -A high-ranking industrial executive in China-She lost her appeal to the BC Supreme Court against her arrest in Canada. Meng was detained in Vancouver in 2018 on charges of U.S. bank fraud.

During the tenure of the August Do government the planning lasted until August The difficulties were kept secret. It never explained what happened and did not help the Fifth Estate record it.

The PM’s office did not respond When asked to explain the discrepancy between the promised product numbers and what happened. The prime minister and his ministers also rejected requests for interview on Canada’s early vaccine production plans, including NRC and Cancino. The NRC has said that Novak, a US-based vaccine developer, will be its new partner for the facility, but the Canadian Institute of Health has not yet approved the vaccine.

The only partnership the NRC was pursuing at the time was the Cancino Project. Justin Ling Reported at Of McLean Earlier this year.

October 25, 26: True Do will be releasing his new one Post-election cabinet Secret sources on October 25 or 26 Told CBC News Thursday.

True Doe’s commitment to a gender-balanced cabinet with the need for new cabinet ministers from Nova Scotia and Alberta, Significant changes may be required To the next bench of the government. The biggest change could be in the Ministry of Defense. Many senior liberals suggest it Harjith Sajjan Will be transferred to a new portfolio.

Expect gender: those Of the star Tonda Macharles There are some Speculation that can be sounded knowingly On who can be included in True Doe’s gender-balanced cabinet.

Insiders say it’s Toronto’s to fill the gap in gender equality Marcy IanRe-elected from the Toronto Center after entering Parliament in 2020, she is expected to top the list with women with experience in local government. They can include Lena Metledge Diab, A former provincial cabinet minister in Nova Scotia, he is bilingual and can be substituted Bernardette Jordan, Fisheries Minister who lost her seat; Ottawa MP Marie France Lollande, Holds three positions in Ontario as Minister of Francophone Affairs, Community Security and Correctional Services, and Government and Consumer Services; And Markham-Stauffville MP Helena Jacek, He also served as Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Community and Social Services in Ontario. The last two were first elected by federal election in 2019 and held parliamentary secretary or committee positions and may be up for promotion. Other floating novices are also known as Quebec Pascal St. Onge Led a communications union. Can take advantage of the opportunity now to do what he does not want to do before the election: lower down cabinet officials such as the defense minister. Harjith Sajjan Or the Minister of Health Patti Hajj.

Why so long? On CTV, Don Martin To Tru Do wonders why it takes so long to get his ducks in line.

The gap between the vote and the cabinet nomination in 2015, after a shocking majority victory, was 17 days when True Doe inherited a largely untested skill. True, it took True Doo a month to carry the boxes for the 2019 text, but this year is still the longest.

PCR rules currently exist: Christiaan Freeland With the U.S. border about to reopen globally, there was no news of plans to remove the PCR test requirements. Reported Thursday. “The rules are the rules,” she said in DC. Canadians need a valid PCR test to return to Canada. I had my test to go home this evening. I truly believe that following the science of the Canadian approach to ending the fight against COVID, following the recommendations of the public health authorities and making careful mistakes has served us very well. “

Chen suspended: The National Assembly of the Conservative Party was suspended for two months due to the filing of a petition against Erin O’Toole. Hill Times Reported Thursday

“Following complaints from lower-level members of the Conservative Party of Canada about the conduct of National MP Bert Chen, the National Assembly exercised its power under Article 8.13 of the party’s constitution to suspend Mr. Chen for 60 days,” the Conservatives said. Issuing an email to party president Robert Buderson Hill Times. Mr. Chen’s petition, which began a day after the election, had received 5,185 signatures as of October 13.

Grassland Disaster: in the Globe, Gary Mason Points out angrily That Alberta and Saskatchewan have failed to control the plague that is wreaking havoc.

Mr Kenny has been widely criticized for making decisions about the crisis for months. There are growing demands for a leadership review within his party. His popularity rating is as low as 22 percent – the lowest of any provincial leader in the country. The Prime Minister has had to call on the Army to assist overweight hospitals. Patients have been airlifted to hospitals in other provinces. Saskatchewan is in a worse position. On Thanksgiving Monday, the provincial average critical care beds were taken with COVID-19 patients. In the three months since the province reopened, the number of cases has risen to 47 percent. The COVID-19 death rate is 6.62 per 100,000 people, the worst in the country. (Alberta is in second place with 4.7 per 100,000; Ontario has a different ratio of 0.67)

– Stephen Maher




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