Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Here are the best cities for Python developers

Recently, we were doing a bit of research on that The most in-demand programming languages, With a particular focus on Python, is growing in popularity among prospective developers. There is an increase in Demand for Python Developers In the last few years, this is a trend that has gone nowhere in 2021 (and will no doubt continue until 2022 and beyond). So, if you worked and learned the language, what would you do next?

The beauty of Python is that it is a normal thing, which means that it opens up a lot of opportunities for jobs. When we say abilities we mean not only jobs but also cities. If you want to learn Python and move to a new city – we are here to help you.

We went deeper into some of the Jobio data to find the most popular cities in Europe in terms of job positions that require a Python skill.

Here are the places we found …


Photo by Diego Palhais on Unsplash