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Ganahl Dumps Campaign Manager As Guv Bid Sputters

9NEWS Political Reporter Marshall Slinger With a spoonful via Twitter this afternoon, Republicans say they don’t want to hear against the prospect of regaining the Colorado governor’s office in 2022:

Selinger asks optimistically, but we suspect he already knows the answer:

Ganahl Dumps Campaign Manager As Guv Bid Sputters

help Wanted.

There is really no answer to that question, and there is no realistic environment for hiring an advertising manager with the expectation of running the business for only six weeks. Although it was a disastrous start Heidi Heidi Ganal’s The campaign in mid-September, the RV tour used in largely populated areas of the state, the lack of an overall compliance campaign message, or the number of poor fundraisers after months of legitimate dubious preparation, did not want Democrats to embellish Gonal’s speech. Failure to launch – it was visible to everyone and it only took a short time for someone to admit guilt.

The real question is, is it the fault of the general manager … or the candidate?

Second, staff turnover is a symptom and not a cure. Anyway, even Gonal’s tough defenders should be in trouble. There is no chance that this is a good sign.




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