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Friday Faves – The Fitnessista

Hello friends! Good Friday! What are you doing this weekend? I’m looking forward to decorating sushi with some friends, a girls’ college party and fall. I wanted to drag everything out last week but didn’t get the chance. Also, scrolling through Instagram and seeing photos of real pumpkin towers near the doors makes me smile. They will be here for about 5 minutes until the spears enthusiastically sweep their pumpkin buffet.

(Always a fake outdoor pumpkin. I painted it a year ago and I wonder how long it lasted!)

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share a few favorites throughout the week and on the web. I always like to hear about your favorites, so please shout out about something you love in the comments below!

Fitness + Good Diet:

Fit Team Beta Tester Feedback! The feedback for the Fit Team workout was amazing and we just finished the beta test this week.

Here is what some friends had to say:

I’ll open places for the fit team next week, so stay tuned for more details. It will be the last time I open a registry for 2021. If you need the first DIB and special bonuses to sign up (free macro guide) – Make sure you are on the waiting list here.

I’m working out with Fitness Team SQUATOBER (my legs hurt) and can’t wait to hear what you think about them. I.

(Bicycle shorts are here! These are the best ones for the quality and fit I found)

Dietically, I feel like my cooking mojo is finally back. I made and ordered the most dinners this week Drina Burton’s latest cookbook, Dreena’s kind kitchen. Since she is one of my favorites, I was tempted to try some new recipes! Everything is vegetarian and I like to use the whole food ingredient in her recipes. Kids tend to love them too!

You need these pumpkin spice protein balls for your life

This short rib made the raga Last week it was amazing with gluten-free Gnochi.

Smoked red lentil soup with spinach

Fitness plan for full fall

Whole wheat pumpkin muffins

Fashion + Beauty:

Free shipping for the entire month On orders over $ 50. This has not been done for a month before !! Here is my link Click here to check it out and enjoy my beauty counter post.

(Always Peel and All bright C serum)

Hot weather! Love this dirty guy.

Here are ideas for your fall 2021 wardrobe!

Read, Watch, Listen:

Click here for the latest podcast episode with Esther Blum

Broadway Medley return. The main cold.

We waited Harry Potter Movies with girls. We’m half past # 4, but I wonder if it’s scary for them! I have read mixed reviews on the internet. Anyone with children of the same age who can share their experiences? They constantly beg me to finish them, but I do not want them to have nightmares.

Do you and your partner have a song?

If it brings you joy, it is not a “waste of time.”

Good Friday !!






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