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Hey hey! How is Friday already ?! I do not complain that the week passed quickly, because I’m really looking forward to a hopeless weekend. Sleeping every Saturday feels like a wonderful gift. 😉 We’re going to break Apple (required) I will be doing the final work on the website as a new fit team member. Admission opens next Wednesday and I am so excited to share this with you !! If you want to get in touch with us, add it to your calendar. Wait for the friends list Tuesday night.

I would love to hear what you do this weekend! Are fall activities planned? Are there any amazing pumpkin recipes you have tried recently?

Weekly Fridays are the time for the Faves party. This is where I share some of my favorite findings throughout the week and on the web. I’d love to hear about your favorites too, so please shout out something you read, ate, wore or watched in the comment section this week!


The pilot and I went to an auction for a girls’ college in the 1920s and it was like that. We moved to this school before Rona was attacked and still have no * average * school experience here. Even so, we were able to meet such wonderful friends and we are so thankful for the wonderful families we met. It was an exciting night out as this was the first real school community we could get in the last two years !! It was a great evening – live band, auction, casino, great drinks and fun with everyone.

Good diet + fitness:

We went to a place that was new to us and it was funny. The love of girls for pick cups never makes me smile — they love foods I didn’t try for the first time until I was 20 — a situation you can make from your own bowl. They have a variety of proteins, toppings and sauces. I couldn’t help but add it all up. My bowl contained half rice, half a salad, tuna, salmon, edamame, avocado, seaweed, pipi mber, crunchy jalapeno, carrot and pickled ginger. It was everything. The girls have already asked to go back this weekend. I.

Growing vegetables like ccrrraaazzyyy. I was deeply shocked by the condition of our small backyard, which prospered despite the heat. I’m going to grow some vegetables in the fall / winter, but the ones we currently have are getting stronger: tomatoes, arugula, chard, mint, onions, carrots, beets, eggplant and peppers. Every morning, I’m shocked to see how many Pippi mbers have emerged in one night!

I’m going to try a little pickle this weekend … let’s see how it goes.

Trying recipes from Cook until dinner is right. This week we had a couple of beef dishes and it was fantastic. The first was loaded with fried fries with bacon avocado burgers (everyone loved it!) And the second was Greek style beef hash, potatoes, meat patties, tomatoes, pipers, feta and satsaki. Having a few new cookbooks has made food planning even more fun.

If you are looking for a pumpkin preparation recipe, try this Oatmeal Roast! It’s one of our favorites and I’m preparing a group to enjoy a quick breakfast next week.

Fashion + Beauty:

Beauty counter vacation is here! We now have many cute fall kits with some of our best selling products right now.

My top picks:

What Mini should have

This set Combines three of my favorite products: AllBright C Serum, One Rain Peel and Counterite Serum. If you want to try these out, you can set aside a small amount to try them out or add to gifts.

Minnie beyond the Gloss Archive

I don’t care about the glitter of our lips. They use natural vanilla and are not sticky but smooth. They also have a bright and subtle shine. I like to reserve these for sharing with friends or sending to clients. Check them out here!

Good smelling hand cream trio

I always put our handkerchiefs in my wallet and in the girls’ bags for the cold months. They have a nice scent and are highly moisturizing. Check them out here!

Pure dream set

The best-selling overnight peel, the moisturizer (Counter Time Sublime Cream!) And the most beautiful sleeping pads (made from capro, silk option) that are likely to go into my night out. Get this yourself. I.

  • Don’t forget, it ships for free every month on orders over $ 50! If you use the CLEANFORALL20 code (with some exceptions) you will also get a 20% discount. Check it out here!

This dress My last thread shipment arrived – I did not cancel it on time and did not charge, so I got another shipment – I wore it 4 times.

I was wearing This jean jacket Always — it’s an easy layer piece (or you can tie it around your waist) and it’s a good price for a good jean jacket.

Read, Watch, Listen:

What are the recipes that make the crowd you know happy?

I like this post and the outlook How do fitness priorities change after infancy?

Here are 8 clinically proven ways to strengthen your immune system.

How to really live in the moment.

Good Friday, friends!






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