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Facebook tells teens to ‘take a break’ from Instagram

The article that tells Facebook teens to 'take a break' from Instagram and 'Nudge' leads them out of harmful content

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Facebook has announced new security measures for Instagram in response to the storm of criticism. Documents and Evidence Whistleblower by Francis Hogan.

In an interview with CNN Status of the Society, Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs for the company On Sunday, Facebook announced that it was implementing three new steps to enhance its teenage experience on Instagram.. The company allows adults to monitor what their adults are doing online, “pushing” users who are looking at a variety of harmful content. Teens to “take a break” from Instagram.

As the steps had floated Possible ideas And solutions When the company was announced at the end of September by Adam Mosery, Head of Instagram Termination of work In a version of the application for children under 13. Clegg’s announcement on Sunday confirmed that the move is now a step forward in the Facebook plan.

Clegg said: “We cannot change human nature. “You always compare yourself to others, especially those who are luckier than you, but all we can do is change our product, that’s exactly what we do.”

In an interview, Clegg sought to turn Facebook’s problem into a challenge facing society, and reiterated the company’s statement that it was a positive experience for the “vast majority” who use Instagram and suffer from insomnia, anxiety and depression.

However, Clegg’s comments are quite different Disgraceful report Based on its story, it was published by the Wall Street Journal on a Internal documents provided by Hogan. In those documents, Facebook internal researchers said that 1 in 3 teenage girls experiencing their body condition worsened their body image problems.

In an internal presentation, the researchers said, “Young people blame Instagram for the rapid rise in anxiety and depression. “This reaction was unresolved and stable across all groups.”

Another presentation found that 13% of British users and 6% of American users who have experienced suicidal thoughts have found their desire to commit suicide on Instagram, the journal reported. Facebook Has led to controversy The store features its research.

In response to Haughan’s claim that Facebook has made profits on its platform through the mental well-being of young people, Clegg has emphasized the $ 13 billion investment over Twitter over the past four years. He also pointed out that the company has 40,000 or more people Twice as many staff at Capitol Hill work for these issues.

“I mean, we can’t perfect everyone’s life with a wave of a stick. All we can do is upgrade our products to make them safer and easier to use, ”Clegg said.

That all sounds good, but when you consider that Instagram is a fake poison museum of Facebook money and all those who work to secure it all, the only reasonable response left is disbelief. Despite all those resources, it is unbelievable that Facebook has still managed to make a bad impression on our youngest and most vulnerable people.





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