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Colorado Politics reporter goes overboard with conspiratorial claptrap targeting Republican

Over the years we have seen some shameless jobs slip out of the Colorado media quagmire

But enough about Kyle Clark.

He is now facing stiff competition as he is slandered by the mainstream media of the Democratic Party from Joy Bunch. Colorado politics.

In an article published this week about former Fort Collins mayor Gino Campana’s statement that he would challenge Democrat Michael Bennett to the U.S. Senate seat in Colorado, CNN followed the book on how anyone associated with Donald Trump can be crucified.

Being in the same political party as former President Trump, the bunch was relentless with the Gocha questions in the style of Chris Chimo, who intended to tarnish Campana.

These questions have become increasingly annoying in the hate media these days – a more modern version of the old-fashioned query: “Are you still beating your wife?”

Launched by Republican candidates, these Trump issues are not meant to be used as Trump clones or as Trump supporters at all – there is no right answer to avoid implying that the wife is a loser. Geop Foundation.

Either way, this method of questioning eliminates candidates’ chances of success. Also known as extreme prejudice or partisanship.

A bunch around did not hit. In the third paragraph, he achieved his goal by declaring that Campana was “ready to get Trump’s cover for next year’s primary.”

Translation: Campana is a strong contender to compete with Bennett, a failed presidential candidate who has been named the most vulnerable Democratic senator to be re-elected next year.

Therefore he must be destroyed.

The crowd complained that Campana’s childish game of putting Trump’s tail on the elephant was not going well.

Honestly, all of a sudden reporters, like the bunch, began to rise up like a bunch of conspiracy theorists, which they took to portray Republicans as conspiracy theorists.

No kidding, these are the questions posed to a legally strong candidate running for the U.S. Senate:

If so, can Campana win the election? Made of media Referendum on former president?

Is he coming to Trump’s Florida resort?

Was the election stolen?

Is Biden the legitimate president?

Bunch then defeats his wife’s theory again and tries to trap Campana Mitch McConnell in love with Trump.

Going down to the bottom of the story, Bunch finally works to educate readers about Campana’s business, political and educational background.

In the very last paragraph of his popular work, he allows this quote from Campana about what makes Bennett different from Bena:

I can basically boil down to five things: Can we reduce taxes? We revise uncontrolled regulations. We must protect our environment and improve our infrastructure. We save the neighborhood, our families and our workforce. When you make sure people get a good education, it’s the right education for our workforce. ”

The whole bunch is ashamed of feeding into this conspiratorial claptrap.

Colorado Politics reporter goes overboard with conspiratorial claptrap targeting Republican




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