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Buck to attorney general: Appoint special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

Bidding for a work of art by an experienced artist starts at $ 700,000.

Political hacking and a painting by the president’s son cost $ 500,000.

The conflict between U.S. Representative Ken Buck and Attorney General Garland over the need to appoint a special adviser to investigate the sale of power is priceless.

Ck gambling asked Buck if he liked it Appoint a special adviser to look into Hunter Biden, the attorney general repeatedly refused to answer.

“For the sole reason of not being able to answer questions about the former president’s or anyone else’s investigation, I can not discuss any existing or other investigations involving any U.S. citizen,” Garland said. He said.

Buck did not ask if there was an investigation, but asked again if a special adviser would be appointed, and he reminded Garland that he could answer. Your answer is there because the attorney general denied it again.

During the break of the exam, Buck told Fox News that members of Congress did not receive a satisfactory answer from the nation’s top police officer on a number of questions.

Buck asked Garland how many of the 1.7 million illegal immigrants who have crossed the South American border illegally this year have been prosecuted.

The attorney general said he did not know what that number was.

“I do not think the Attorney General has taken responsibility for what is happening. I think he should have, ”Buck said.

At trial, Garland defended the FBI’s order to investigate alleged parental threats to school board officials.

“Parents complain about their children’s education and school boards because there were things like school boards and public education.” Garland said, In House House committee, Republicans criticized him for flooding in, accusing him of “paving the way for parental assault.”

He said this was fully protected by the First Amendment. The real threat of violence is not protected by the First Amendment. That is what we are worried about here. That is the only thing that bothers us here. We do not investigate parental participation in peaceful protests or school board meetings. There is no precedent for doing that and we will never do that. We only care about violence and threats against school administrators, teachers, and staff.

We can not be sure when Garland says that the FBI will not investigate peaceful protests – a phrase that anarchists mean burning cities.

When non-leftists are mad or frustrated with the government, they are called rebels.

Speaking of violent clashes with police over unauthorized entry into government buildings, left-wing protesters asked Garland about last week’s occupation of the U.S. Department of the Interior, while the Republican, who were utterly shocked by the Republican Attorney General’s talk about Nineveh not having them.




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