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Biden’s Housing Plan Could Save Millions of Children’s Futures

Let’s assume that Senators Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema are good people who are not humble to children in poverty. That means they are simply ignorant. They do not connect dots. Like them Insist With the $ 322 billion housing cuts proposed by President Biden, they do not understand how much harm it will do to children over a lifetime.

Biden and Democrat leaders seek to break the main link in the chain reaction of poverty. Housing is that link. Saving more money on high-rent food without government assistance can lead to malnutrition, parental stress and disruption of life, all of which can stunt the brain development of young children. Decades of scientific and social research are clear on this. However, among the difficulties faced by families, relationships are rarely identified by legislators and officials and journalists who continue to treat each issue and government programs separately and differently, regardless of the websites of the interaction.

In many parts of the country, the private housing market is booming for low-wage workers. Nationwide, households are below 20 percent Spend Moderate to 56 percent of their income on rent. The rest of their monthly funds are required to pay for electricity, water, telephone, heat, car loans and the like. They can only shrink part of their budget for food. Even if food security is restored without proper nutrition in the early stages of life, children’s cognitive impairments will disappear. (See my previous story in these pages, “The First Sixteen Days of a Hungry Baby.”)

Researchers have found that stress also affects brain development. Even if a family is homeless and living under constant stress due to rent and other bills, both children can absorb the anxiety. In the womb And after birth. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Also, lead in old pipes, roses and molds can damage the biological and mental health of children when families have to relocate or move into poor homes. Irritating Asthma and overcrowding often cause friction in the home.

The study of stress has been a significant addition to the understanding of environmental impacts on the brain to the point where the entire Center for Disease Control and Prevention is dedicated. website To update research on risk and prevention. The CDC’s list of so-called “childhood adverse experiences” in a preliminary study includes more obvious traumas, such as housing problems and neglect, as well as violence or suicide.

The CDC reports that “parental stress or caregivers with high levels of economic stress” may have an impact on brain chemistry and architecture in “communities with unstable housing and areas where residents often live” or “when families experience food insecurity”. . Security factors include “communities with access to safe, stable housing.”

It would be good if Manchin and the cinema read and respect the expertise of their own country. The film names itself as a former social worker. It is difficult to imagine any social worker with proper training and credentials failing to grasp these vulnerable risks to the child’s future.

Experts identify There are three types of stress: Positive, tolerable and toxic. The response to all of this determines its long-term effects. According to the Center for Growing Children in Harvard, healthy development requires some transitional stress. “Sometimes a positive stress response can be triggered with a new caregiver or the first day you receive an injection.”

Tolerable stress — death or natural disaster in the family — may raise the level of alertness for a long time, but “the brain and other organs will recover if activation is limited by contact with adults that help the child adapt. . What could be harmful in any other way. ”

Toxic stress, which can include long-term economic hardship, occurs when the body’s stress response is activated long enough without the support of an adult. It can “impair the development of brain architecture and other organ systems in adulthood and increase the risk of stress-related illnesses and cognitive impairment,” the center said. It can cause diabetes, heart disease, depression, drug abuse and growth retardation.

Biological chemistry is not a mystery. “When a child has toxic stress,” according to the Pediatrician Dr. Carrie Fang said, “The hypothalamic pituitary and adrenal (HPNA) hormone axis is highly active. As a result, blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise, which can lead to long-term inflammation and immune changes. Studies have shown that there is a link between toxic stress and changes in brain structure. The consequences can include increased anxiety, memory loss, and mood swings. Toxic stress responses can include changes in gene expression, which means that the genes in your DNA are activated or inactivated.

As housing becomes a major factor in stressful situations, it is important to increase the Biden Administration’s subsidy on the $ 3.5 trillion Social Expenditure Act, thanks to Madden & Cinema and the Senate. Out of the $ 322 billion in proposed housing subsidies, $ 200 million goes to the federal voucher program, which is now used to pay rent for about 2 million poor families. The sad but undeniable fact is that America’s violent free market economy alone is not able to provide low – paid workers with an income sufficient to live an emotionally or physically healthy life.

Glenn Thrush reports in New York Times These funds add 750,000 families to the program, and the waiting list is so large that some local authorities have stopped accepting new applicants. You will have to wait to enter the waiting list. However, it is estimated that 16 million eligible households were unable to obtain rental assistance due to the limited funding available. according to the To the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

Munchin, the cinema and their far-sighted wise allies wield their destructive ax against the powerless people who depend on the government for life. As Thrush points out, they are less likely to enjoy housing support because they enjoy less popular support than programs that benefit the middle class and the poor: preschool education, health care, community college.

This blindness to the harm done to children demonstrates the poverty of the country – the poverty of its understanding.




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