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BBC may not exist in 10 years, says Nadine Dorries

BBC may not exist in 10 years says Nadine Dorries

Nadeen Doris, the new cultural secretary, has suggested that the BBC may not exist for a decade, targeting its “aristocratic” approach and “lack of neutrality”.

The cabinet minister said she did not want a war with the broadcaster but would have to agree to the changes before the government can settle the next license fee from April 2022.

“The BBC’s perspective is that they will get a settlement fee and then we ‘ll talk about how they change,” Ms Doris told a Conservative party convention event.

She added: “In my view, tell me how you change, and then you get the settlement fee.”

When asked if the license fee would still be mandatory in 10 or 20 years, she said, “Will the BBC be here in 10 years? I do not know … At the moment it is a very competitive environment. ”

Ms Doris, who has only played her role since the September revision, said she had already had an “interesting meeting” with BBC Director-General Tim Davy and President Richard Sharp.

The new cultural secretary emphasized a series of issues he had with the broadcaster, including the lack of diversity and political partisanship of the working class.

“Recognizing that lack of accessibility and impartiality is part of your problem,” she said, adding that the corporation had a “group mindset” other than the working class background.


“Northwest, Northeast, Yorkshire – if you have a regional accent on the BBC, it doesn’t particularly drop,” she said. “They talk about a lot of things to do with diversity, but they’m not talking about kids from working class backgrounds and it needs to change.”

When asked how to address it, she said, “It’s not just about quotas, it’s about having a fair program and less aristocracy and having a negative attitude about who works for you.”

At a ceremony held by TelegraphThe cultural secretary of Chopper’s Politics Podcast also rejected proposals to replace Daniel Craig with a woman named James Bond.

“When a man misses a pair of shoes, why do men sometimes think a woman should fill them? Let’s create a new role for a woman. ”

She said that when she was a child, her favorite author was “not very computer” Enid Blyton.

Although Blyton criticized racism and xenophobia in her books, Ms Doris said, “Give it up, it’s our heritage.”




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