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Andrew Yang, former Democrat | Power Line

From the Democratic Party presidential candidates in 2019-20, among those who spent the first few days in the movement, I thought Andrew Yang was the only one who made the most interesting and any appeal. Pete Buttigig was interested for a minute. Then I realized that he was just an ordinary leftist and that he liked to have sex with other boys and spoke many languages.

Tulsi Gabbard was particularly impressed when she dropped Kamala Harris. However, I found her Reaffirmation of what Bashar al-Assad is sayingThe idea that America should somehow be blamed for his mass murders is not particularly appealing.

Yang left the Democratic Party yesterday. He changed his registration independently from that of a Democrat.

Yang explains his decision This statement. It’s often fun, but there is also:

I admit that there is always something strange between me and the Democratic Party. I am not so ideological. I am practical. Making biased arguments – especially expressing what I see as performance emotions – is sometimes embarrassing to me. I always think, “Okay, what can we do to solve the problem?” I’m pretty sure there are others who feel the same way I do.

Yang says the Democratic Party is very ideological and impractical. I think he also says he sees through the BS of Democrats.

As the New York mayoral candidate, Yang saw some of that clearly. John Sexton Yang recalls that chronic homelessness was a problem not only for the homeless but also for the city. He went on to say that referring the mentally ill to the streets for treatment would make the city more livable and pleasant.

Yang took to expressing his desire for public peace Abuse From the Liberal Democrats. They could not bear to deviate from their ideology or find a practical solution to the problem caused by the homeless and the mentally ill on the streets.

I suspect there are many more left-wing nonsense sticking in Yang’s desire not to come to a mayoral race. If not, it will happen soon because he has left the Democratic Party.

Undoubtedly, Yang will make criticisms against the GOP mentioned in his statement against Dems. In fact, he will do it more powerfully.

It is gratifying to see a prominent, thoughtful and somewhat popular Democrat doing the same thing when a small but visible and vocal number of longtime Republicans leave their party.




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