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Andrea Mitchell Hails David Hogg for ‘Really Effective Protests’ for Gun Control

On Wednesday, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell summoned Parkland gun control activist David Hogg and praised him for increasing public support for more gun control after Parkland gunman Nicholas Kass pleaded guilty in court. Like the old left, Hogg also accused the Philippines of obstructing the Democrats from adopting their agenda on gun control and other issues.

After praising his “March for Our Lives” group for increasing the number of young voters who could support gun control, Hogg complained: You see the bill – you know, the universal background check is there. “

He quickly added, “We want to abolish filibuster. With something like universal background testing, there is no way to stop 85 to 90 percent of Americans from supporting two senators.”

Mitchell praised him: “You certainly changed the general atmosphere about it. That number is the result of the work you and your students did as a result of truly effective protests in political action and conditions of protest.. So it should at least empower you to some extent. “It is as if the liberal media is not promoting these children at every step.

Andrea Mitchell Hails David Hogg for Really Effective Protests forBut endless surveys claiming that 90 percent of Americans need “universal background checks” were discredited years ago. Not only did the states not provide that level of support when voters had the opportunity, but they did get an alternative poll that asked clearer questions Very different results When people are informed that most gun sales already require background checks.

Hogg quickly made a comparison between gun-related deaths and COVID deaths: “I was born a year after Columbine. From the time I was alive, the same number of deaths from gunshot wounds were caused by guns. Deaths in this country are completely preventable.”

Impressed, Mitchell replied: “I’m glad you brought it up, because it’s going to compare to the epidemic, the number of preventable deaths, as a public health issue, show me from Columbine.”

those Disease Control Centers During the period 2000-2019, about 570,000 gun bombs were reported, of which 340,000 were suicides. .

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The transcript is below:

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell reports

October 20, 2021

East at 12:10 p.m.

Andrea Mitchell: Sandy Springs, you know, has no federal laws with kindergartens, as if you and your students were under incredible pressure, even though what they organized was incredibly stressful. How frustrating is it that there is such a political stagnation in this country?

David Hogg, Gun Control Activist: It’s very frustrating, but let me tell you what. It is deeply concerned with the future of our Republic and the present condition of our Republic. You know, if we have so many divisions in this country, our future, our most precious asset – that is, our children – it speaks to the grave danger we face as a country if we cannot protect it – – youth, marches for our lives and other groups With the number of programs conducted across the country has increased to a record. In 2018 and 2020, we had the largest number of voters in American history. Despite all that, We now see two senators interfering in this work. You see the Reconciliation Bill – you know that there is a universal background check.


People are starting to lose faith in the system. And therefore, We need to get rid of fiberglass. There is no way for two senators to interfere with something that 85 to 90 percent of Americans support, such as a universal background check.

Mitchell: You certainly changed the general atmosphere about it. That number is the result of the work you and your students have done as a result of truly effective protests in political action and conditions of protest. So it should at least be a strength to you.


Hogg: I was born, basically a year after Columbine. And in time Since I was alive, the number of deaths from gunshot wounds in this country has been as high as the number of deaths from Kovid disease and it is completely preventable. We are one of the few countries in the world to deal with such gun violence on a daily basis inside and outside our schools. And we can choose people – we as Americans need to understand that this is a choice. As a country, we must come together not as Democrats or Republicans, but as human beings, for our right not to shoot, no child or adult, no one to fear gun violence, no matter what their zip code, they are inside or outside their schools. . That’s what March has been doing for our lives over the past few years.

We worked in Florida with a very republican legislature. We received high-risk security orders that could have stopped the shooting at our high school. We have received funding for CDC and NIH and our school has been pushed through Congress on a scale never seen before. So change is beginning to take place, but it is surprisingly disappointing how slow it is, because we do not currently have a representative government – We have a disruptive government because of Philbuster. And when it is active, because of that one rule, it causes many people to die every year.

Mitchell: I’m glad you brought it up, as I’m going to compare the plague to preventable deaths as a public health issue, you point out, from Columbine.




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