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Amazon faces a push from new union organizations in the United States

An attempt has been made to unionize the employees of an Amazon store in New York

An attempt has been made to unionize the employees of an Amazon store in New York.

Organizers say workers at an Amazon store in New York are trying to unionize, six months after a similar attempt failed in Alabama.

Workers vying to form the first union in the U.S. e-commerce Colossus will file with U.S. officials Monday with the aim of holding an election.

The Amazon Workers Union (ALU), the organizing team, said the company was fighting the move.

ALU said in a statement: “Amazon has not wasted any time in breaking up the unions since the campaign was launched.”

“We endured the same tactics that led to those union-breaking companies and consultants to walk around the workplace and divide workers from the signs of bathrooms and restrooms in Besmer, Alabama.”

The organizing effort is being led by Christian Smalls, a former employee who filed a lawsuit against Amazon over the dismissal of the facility center on Staten Island in New York City and the epidemic.

The ALU said it expects “higher wages, job security, safer working conditions, higher paid leave, better medical leave options, longer rest and much more.”

Amazon did not address the organizers’ allegations, but explained that it was opposed to unionization efforts in general.

“As a company, we think the best answer for our employees is not the unions,” its statement argued, adding that “continuous improvement with the unions at the center is difficult to be quick and humble.”

The new impetus came in August after a U.S. labor official canceled the results of a failed attempt at an Alabama warehouse and opened the way for a new election.

The union alleges that the company’s attempt to form the first union in the US-based Amazon facility was tainted by the company’s intervention, and is the first step in a ruling on the feasibility of canceling the April vote.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the U.S. labor watchdog, must approve the resolution to give it effect.

The results, which showed a majority of employees rejecting the decision, ended months of fierce fighting over Amazon’s workplace conditions, which employ more than 800,000 people in the United States.

Trade union: NLRB official recommends new vote for Amazon employees

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