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Afghans Are Walking Off U.S. Bases, No One Knows Where They Are

Afghans Are Walking Off US Bases No One Knows Where

My latest PJ Media:

Asked not to be named, a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service official said, “It’s a huge worm can.” Is grateful to the Afghan refugees ReutersDisrupting a large number of corporate speeches by engaging in “independent departures” from U.S. military bases where evictees are staying. That is, they get up and go for a walk and no one knows where they are. About 700 Afghans have now left various military bases and are somewhere in the United States. More than 300 people are missing from Bliss Fort alone. No one knows where. What could be the possible mistakes?

Remember: Biden’s handlers have no idea who most of these people are. Returned September 1st politics“A State Department official told reporters in a private interview that the majority of special immigrant visa applicants were staying in Afghanistan because of evacuation difficulties and that he and his team had been” haunted “by the evacuees and would not be able to leave the United States by the end of August 31. That is, the vast majority: Home Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accepted on September 21 Mountain, “Nearly 8,000 of the 60,000 Afghans who entered the U.S. are U.S. citizens or residents, and about 1,800 are HIV-positive, and obtained visas after assisting the U.S. military.”

It says there are about 50,200 Afghan refugees and we do not have a specific identity card for them and there is no guarantee that they are not jihadist terrorists. Not so: the mountains claim there is no ironic clue that Biden’s handlers “bragged” about bringing more than 124,000 people from Afghanistan. Apparently who among the other 74,000 going here? No one knows.

Daniel Greenfield notes that there are three reasons why these evacuees have disappeared from military bases and are not being forwarded: “Fear that the authorities will find out who they are legally claiming to be”; Or “They commit a crime like trafficking young girls Fort McCoy has already been reported“; Or” they are terrorists here to enter America. “

Unfortunately, that third possibility is much greater Business Interior Reports for August 15:

As the Taliban called for a “peaceful transfer of power,” thousands of prisoners, including former Islamic State and Al Qaeda militants, were released from a prison near Kabul. Afghan government forces handed over Bagram air base to the Taliban on Sunday morning. The camp houses the Pul-e-Charki prison, which holds about 5,000 inmates. It is the largest in Afghanistan and is notorious for its poor condition. Al Qaeda and Taliban members reportedly blocked the maximum security forces. Photographs released by an independent Afghan news agency supporting the Taliban show militants holding prisoners outside.

Did any of these Al Qaeda and Islamic State jihadists board flights to the United States? No one knows.

There are more. Read the rest Here.




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