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Advacash Payment Platform Integrates Nexo’s Crypto Harvesting API Crypto Ninjas

Nexo, a crypto asset lender and investment platform, has expanded its B2B yield generation output by merging its earnings with Advicash, an API multiple asset payment platform. Nexo’s Competitive Benefits of Crypto Money Savings is now readily available to over four million AdWash users.

Advcash provides a fast and flexible payment platform for both Fiat and cryptocurrencies and can be used by individual investors and businesses to manage their assets in a single environment.

Advacash Payment Platform Integrates Nexos Crypto Harvesting API Crypto Ninjas
Nexo Earn API gives users up to 8% APY to add interest directly to 16 different assets in their Advcash accounts, giving them a familiar wallet-wise interface.

Nexo’s latest partnership with Advocash comes 10 years after the crypto lender’s customizable IRN API was launched earlier this year, including the introduction of a keyless crypto wallet to Sengo.

With this mutually beneficial partnership, Nexo Binance, Crocken, Bitfinex and others, as a partner in Advocash, enriched Advocash ‘offerings, increasing Nexus’ assets under management and introducing more of its earnings cryptocurrencies. Adding Earnings APIs to Advcash’s Accounts provides a user-friendly exposure to the industry’s best yields for crypto natives and newcomers to digital assets.
– Michael Besrukov, Chief Production Officer at Advocash

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