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Adam Schiff Warns Steve Bannon And Mark Meadows They’ll Face Criminal Charges If They Don’t Testify

A 1/6 committee member, Delegate Adam Schiff (D-CA), backed four of Trump’s colleagues and warned that they would face criminal charges if they did not testify.

Agent Schiff said in a Twitter message:

Reef Schiff was talking about subtitles released for Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, Kashyap Patel and Dan Scavino.

The 1/6 committee explained it. They don’t mess up. Schiff’s statement illustrates that 1/6 member of the committee, Jamie Ruskin, warned Trump and all his colleagues that the committee would file criminal defamation charges against anyone who adhered to the assumption. Ruskin said subtitles are not an option and warns of serious consequences for those who try to ignore them.

For Trump and his colleagues, it is a different world now. They have no political power, and Trump offered them no help or support for those who surrendered.

Trump cannot ignore this test and he has no platform to pass it on.

The 1/6 committee is coming for Trump and his friends, and if they refuse to agree to it, they will be in jail.




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