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ABC to review complaints handling system for first time in 12 years

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher later publicly called on the ABC board to investigate the complaint process. Speaking on condition of anonymity, ABC sources said the board was already considering a review.

At the same time, Rupert Murdoch’s U.S. media Fox News called for an external investigation into two episodes of ABC. Four corners It covered the American cable television network’s cover for former US President Donald Trump and its role in the 2020 general election.


The ABC also confirmed in early September a complaint by former Senator Corey Bernardi about a program by Annabelle Krub. Mrs. represented, Who said that it contained misleading and untrue allegations against him and that he was not given a fair chance to answer those allegations.

Prof. Macmillan & Carroll’s review includes the adequacy of ABC editorial policies and the Code of Conduct, the suitability of the ABC grievance process for dealing with concerns, and 11 conditions under which complaints must be considered efficiently, fairly and equitably. It will also look into redress for violations, inform staff of the outcome of complaints, and whether complaints investigation teams have good resources.

This is the first time since 2008 that then-ABC chairman Maurice Newman and former editor-in-chief Paul Chadwick have reviewed the regulatory framework. In a review by Mr. Newman, the national broadcaster’s most critical, he found that the framework was “fundamentally good” but made a number of recommendations to improve the system.

A review by the Australian National Audit Office in 2018 also looked at how ABC handles complaints and found its framework to be effective.

ABC Managing Director David Anderson said the review would enable the national broadcaster to maintain its commitment to improving the quality of its coverage. “This review will help maintain ABC’s commitment to continuous quality improvement,” Mr. Anderson said.

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