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A Weapon In An Ideological War

A Weapon In An Ideological War

Robert Spencer, in his version of the Islamic Holy Book, gives us a valuable tool in the war of civilized ideas.

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New book by Robert Spencer Critical Qurana An encyclopedia of one volume of the Qur’ana. It is an excellent reference book with a strong foundation using several translations. It is detailed. Solutions to all problems will be solved through direct scientific reference.

in the Critical QuranaSpencer explains the problems that obscure our understanding of the Qur’anAnn pronounces from one subject to the next. Ideas come out of nowhere without any context. Titles like “Hell” – are repeated over and over again. Frequent repetition is exhausting.

There is no recognition of time in the Qur’ana. The chapters are arranged not in chronological order but in their length. It begins with the longest chapter and ends with the shortest. To add to the confusion, it uses strange names and foreign words. Basically it is full of hatred towards the incomprehensible, confusing, repetitive and unbelievers.

The most troubling thing for many non-Muslim readers is the Qur’anPresents contradictory views. One verse teaches patience and the next verse calls for the death of unbelievers. Islamic ethics are contradictory or dualistic and there is one set of rules for dealing with other Muslims and another set of rules for unbelievers.

Therefore, no one can understand the Qur’anBy simply reading it. There must be supporting commentators and commentators to find the meaning of the words of Allah. Robert Spencer guides us through the quagmire of these contradictory and confusing works using all the tools of exemplary scholarship.

First of all, there are many translations of the Qur’an. Broadly speaking, all of these translations fall into two categories – soft and harsh. Here is an example used by Kur4:34:

Men accept the responsibility of women because Allah exalts one over the other and they spend from their property. So good women are obedient and keep secret what Allah has protected. Warn those who fear disobedience and set them aside for bed and beat them. Then if they obey you do not look for a way against them. Indeed, Allah is Exalted, Exalted, Exalted.

If the QuranThe word you use says “beat lightly”, then it is a soft translation. Spencer solves the false argument about what is needed to make the QuranWhat is understandable is a better translation. The practical method he uses in his book allows the reader to compare at least twelve other translations of this verse and see how they have changed.

The main translation he provides is clear without much ambiguity that makes many other things ambiguous. Critical Quran Act as agents who explain conflicting ideas.

the word The title is critical Critical Qurana Extremely important. The approach to knowledge in Western civilization is analytical and logical and uses the process of critical thinking. There are no prohibited ideas in critical or analytical thinking. Critical thinking is the approach that Robert Spencer examines to find the truth in the meaning of the Holy Book of Islam.

The truth, however, is that authoritative knowledge makes no sense. Truth is determined by the right authority (Islamic principle) with the right thoughts and actions Permitted (halal) and “forbidden” (haram).

Authoritarianism forbids critical thinking for the simple reason that it cannot coexist with authoritarian thinking. Muslims forbid critical thinking through intimidation and intimidation. Apologists in Islam forbid thinking critically by criticizing any minority on the grounds that it is a social evil. Insulting speech, or Islamophobia, is widely regarded and should be suppressed.

Critical thinking exists through debate. Critical thinkers seek truth through the friction of debate in order to ridicule the solution of an idea. Authorized knowledge prohibits debating. Those who wish to debate are degraded and insulted or simply locked out of the place. It is the only thing that agrees with both political correctness and Islam Allowed ”comments can be made Prohibited views are declared a moral evil.

Consider these different perspectives that cannot be reconciled. There is no possible solution between the Western view and Islam. Although apologists in Islam have tried to reach a building agreement on the bridge, it is not logically possible.

The Qur’an according to IslamAnn is a book of specific words of Allah, the only God of the universe. It is complete, perfect, eternal and universal.

The concepts of Islam are limited to the Qur’anAnd Mohammed’s Sunnah. No logical conclusion can violate the Qur’ana.

Islamic civilization has a dictatorial intellectual basis and none of its ideas can contradict the Quran.Mohammed’s or Sunnah. period.

Critical Qurana It is not only a well-researched scholarly book but also a weapon in an ideological war, a war of civilized ideas. For 1400 years there was a physical war between the world of Islam and the Kaffir world between “blood and swords”. No one has fought as hard or as long as Robert Spencer to save our civilization. He is not only a powerful intelligent thinker and writer but he is also a talented and brave warrior.

I wish this book had been written 25 years ago. It will save me from the intellectual work of spending time cutting down bushes and undergrowth in tedious research.

Dr. Bill Warner is the author and lecturer on political Islam. This review is from Cross Posts Front Page Magazine.




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